XR Brands Bolsters 'CleanStream' Line, Inks Nalpac Distro Deal

Bob Johnson

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands announced today the expansion of the CleanSteam anal care and cleansing brand with new accessories, along with a Nalpac distribution deal. 

The company said the strategic advancements help further promote the importance of anal cleansing as part of a healthy sexual lifestyle. It further noted that with more than 30 items, the enhanced CleanStream line now includes at-home anal brightening cream with aloe vera, an affordable and soothing alternative to other anal bleaching kits on the market.

CleanSteam comes in a six-ounce bottle with an MSRP at under $40, boasting the industry’s best cost-per-ounce ratio with the added benefit of aloe vera, making it an appealing option to a broader consumer demographic.

XR noted that exclusive to CleanStream is an open flow-top enema bag made of premium silicone, that has the only enema bag on the market with this convenient and popular steady-fill design. In-demand in multiple countries, this unique open-top bag hangs from the showerhead and provides a one-of-a-kind cleansing experience.

With the anal care market advancing so quickly, Nalpac said it has signed on as a full line distributor of CleanStream and is poised to bring this product category to even more adult stores nationwide.

“This category is so important for healthy sexual lifestyles that include anal sex, and CleanStream addresses this category completely with a full range of products dedicate to anal care,” Glenn Le Boeuf, Nalpac director of operations said. “I look forward to servicing my customers with this range of goods and am proud to offer the leading brand name in anal care.”

XR added that once reserved for niche markets, anal care and cleansing products are now common parts of consumers’ households and sexual lifestyles of all kinds. “CleanStream has been well received with customers thanks to its wide appeal — it is not marketed to just one audience, and we’ve taken a drugstore approach to its packaging and marketing,” Randy Alvstad, XR Brands general manager said.

He added, “No other brand comes close to offering this comprehensive of a product range, everything from a one-time-use disposable bulb to a premium ‘luxury’ shower system. CleanStream has something for everyone, and that’s why it’s number one.”

To view the full CleanStream product line click here.