Trisha Uptown to Dance at Christie’s Cabaret Clubs in Ohio

NEW YORK — Feature Entertainer Trisha Uptown will be dancing at Christie’s Cabaret in Cleveland, Ohio on Thurs. and Fri. On Sat. she will feature dance at Christie’s Cabaret in Brunswick, Ohio.

Uptown will be performing two shows nightly. Between shows she will be mingling with the guests, taking photos and doing lap dances.

“I can’t wait to rock the stages at The Christie’s Cabaret Clubs and party with my fans," said Uptown. "These shows will definitely be standing room only - so make sure to get there early.”

Christie’s Cabaret Cleveland is located at 1180 Main Ave. in Cleveland. Christie’s Cabaret Brunswick is located at 1246 Pearl Rd. in Brunswick. For more information call (216) 574-6222 or visit