‘Long-Distance Sex Toys’ Collection Bows

Ariana Rodriguez

UNITED KINGDOM — EFEELINK, a U.K. manufacturer, has developed a line of pleasure products for men and women that can be enjoyed by long distance lovers.

First presented at the Venus Fair in Berlin, EFEELINK began shipping its products this month.

Controlled remotely through an app, partners can enable a range of toys, including the Efee male masturbator cup, the Amanda vibrator and the Abby wearable vibe. EFFELINK offers two apps — Klink and KFeel.

KLink offers voice and video chatting, and transfers the motion of one product to another. Furthermore, the sender can transmit vibration to the toy and read “psychological signals,” such as the temperature, pressure and pulse via a “sensing element” inside of the toy — all the while communicating with one another via text or video chat.

The KFeel app enables the pleasure products to respond to sounds and music.

“It’s brand new and totally different from other love toys,” the company says. “No matter how far the lovers are away from each other, as soon as they use this set of intimate toys, they can feel in sync with each other via the APP, and orgasm with each other. Now, distance is not a problem for those separated by a long distance.”

For more information, visit EFEELINK.com.