Tenga, Oculus Rift Unveil Robotic Mastubator, VR Tenga

Lila Gray

TOKYO — Japanese adult toy company Tenga, in collaboration with Oculus Rift, last week unveiled the VR Tenga, a robotic masturbator that signifies one small step for men’s sex toys and one big step for mankind.  

Unlike most masturbators, the VR Tenga does most of the grunt work (so to speak) for you. Men only need to insert their penis into the device and turn on a monitor that plays an erotic scenario synced with the motion of the VR Tenga.     

This semi-SFW demo video shows the whole mechanism in action, sans a live participant.

The public’s interest in VR Tenga — the demo video has 1,675,083 views — means that the continued development and refinement of teledildonics, sex toys mediated by computers, is probably not going to stop anytime soon.

Bustle.com reported today that a company called FriXion is currently crowdfunding to develop a social network platform to help lovers, friends and strangers electronically “hook up” using new and existing teledildonic technology, including the Fleshlight's Vstroker and the VR Tenga.

FriXion’s jargon-packed explanatory video, available to watch on YouTube, claims to use “real-time bidirectional force feedback telemetry to achieve convincing and organic intimacy.”

While those spearheading the teledildonics movement often market their products as the future of sex as we know it, there have been some naysayers. Notably, Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden told tech site AllThingsD that he doesn’t think that the whole concept of computer-mediated sex appeals to the average Joe, or Jane.