Treasure Island Media Releases 1st Title From Mexican Studio

SAN FRANCISCO — “Mecos,” the first release by Mecos, Treasure Island Media's (TIM) Mexico City studio, is now available exclusively on the company's website in DVD and download formats.

"I've always loved the sexual passion and freedom among man-fuckers in Mexico. And for years I've looked forward to producing a movie that featured nothing but Mexican dudes fucking and getting fucked," Paul Morris, TIM Founder, said.

He added, "Working closely with the awesome guys at Mecos (slang for ‘cum’), we put together what I believe is a fuckin' scorcher of a video."

The film runs more than 119 minutes, with six scenes and features Mexican bottoms. It is now available from TreasureIslandMedia.

Retailers can expect “Mecos” to be released to New Barbary Coast Distribution in late December. Those interested in carrying the film, or any TIM title can contact Jose Johnson at (415) 553-4073.

Talent interested in joining in on the next Mexican release can apply here.