Private’s 'Ass, Cash & Politics' Captures Caroline Tosca's 1st Scandalous Performance

Lila Gray

BARCELONA — For its latest title “Ass, Cash & Politics,” Private combines Caroline Tosca, the willing wife of a real-life European politician, the directorial skills of French star Anissa Kate and a big budget, for a scandalously good time.

Tosca stars in her first — and perhaps last — adult movie in a cameo role as the wife of a famous politician. While her fictional, onscreen husband Theodore Tosca is eagerly pursuing power and wealth, Mrs. Tosca’s sates her sexual appetite with a trio of able young black men in what might be described as “politics of inclusion.”

“It was an amazing experience and a scene I expect my husband will not soon forget,” Swiss-born Tosca said. “The only studio I trusted with this was Private.”

According to Private, Tosca is married to an actual Swiss parliamentarian who made headlines last year when salacious revelations about his personal life surfaced.    

"Even for Private, where we are used to getting the best and the newest stars by nature of our brand, this was a once-in-a-decade opportunity,” said Xavi Roka, Private’s head of production. “I mean, how often does a beautiful, wealthy wife of a well-known politician sign up for a cameo role in an adult movie?”

Filmed in the air and on the ground across multiple Alpine locations "Ass, Cash and Politics” co-stars director Kate, Eva Parcker, Jasmine Jae and first-timer, Angelique Duval, who plays an accommodating secretary.

To watch Tosca’s interracial four-way scene, click here.