Sovereign Syre Featured in Playboy Interview

VENICE, Calif. Sovereign Syre is featured in a new interview.

She’s also doing girl/girl on camera and in real life and is now working on directing.

“Once I was in it, I began to see things I wanted to see or do differently," Syre told Playboy. "Now when I try to think about doing boy/girl it’s hard for me to think of stories I think are hot. But when you say you want me doing girl/girl, I can think of a ton of stories that I think are really arousing. I think that because female pleasure is front and center of lesbian erotica, you can’t get away from it. A lot of porn is geared towards men and involves the male gaze, but [just because] that part is the part of our desire that grows and evolves to become the most sophisticated doesn’t mean that the other ones aren’t there. So for me girl/girl is cultivating this other element of desire that is dealing more with the female gaze.”

Her directorial debut will be "Lesbian Surrender," for Filly Films, and it comes out next month.

“The first thing you should know is that one of the cardinal rules of girl/girl is that they’re in a world where men don’t exist,” she said. “But in my film, every character in the movie is involved with a man in some way. I feel that I can’t speak about women and pretend men don’t exist. A lot of times men are a major source of strife and redemption in a woman’s life. I wanted to create scenarios that reflect real life. There are no men in the movie, but they’re always part of the backdrop that creates the dramas in which these fantasies play out.”

Syre stars in "Lesbians Unchained" from Girlfriends Films. It features a series of vignettes about criminal women.

The Playboy interview is here.