Eurocreme Group Names New Managing Director

LONDON  Steven Chinnery has been promoted from General Manager to Managing Director of the Eurocreme Group.

Chinnery joined the company back in 2006 and is one of the longest serving team members.

"Steven has been able to steer and direct the company and through his knowledge help grow the group to where it is today," the company said.

Steven's promotion comes as Lee Redpath cements himself as Media and Events Manager within the group.

Newly upgraded CEO Gavin Hay said, “It is a natural progression for Steven to take on the role as Managing Director here. In his time as General Manager he has overseen the groups growth from one to five studios, and been responsible for much of its steady financial growth. He understands totally that despite the world of adult entertainment being seen as something on the periphery, it is a business just like any other. The demands of new technology and keeping ahead of trends means a company, such as this, needs a bright and able helmsman. Steven is that Helmsman.”

The company is celebrating its 10th birthday to be held on May 30 in London's West End.

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