Mitsuko Doll Takes Part in 1st Lesbian Experience

VENICE, Calif. — Mitsuko Doll participates in her first lesbian experience with Crystal Hunnie.

“It was my first lesbian experience ever and really enjoyed being with another woman,” Doll said. “It was something I’d thought about doing for a long time and I’m so happy that I finally did it. It’s so different — and I mean that in the best possible way.”

The experience produced two videos and a photo set, which are available on her website,

Mitsuko is having a highest tip contest on the MyFreeCams chat room in February. The highest tipper of the month will receive a personalized Valentine's Day gift in the mail from Doll.

Fans can find her under her MyFreeCams screen name, xwildthingx. She will be live on cam on MyFreeCams and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons this week.