Next Door Entertainment Launches World Aids Day Campaign

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — In recognition of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, Next Door Entertainment announced today that it will donate a percentage of its website sales to support the "Until There's A Cure" foundation.

In addition to their own contribution, a "Donate Now" message will be added to all of the Next Door websites to encourage surfers to visit the charitable foundation's website and donate directly.

Until There's A Cure is the Redwood City, California-based national organization dedicated to putting an end to HIV/AIDS. The group has been raising awareness and funds to combat the pandemic since 1993. Next Door said the organization’s dream is that no one else will ever become infected with HIV/AIDS.

"We are proud to once again provide awareness and support for our friends at Until There's A Cure," Next Door President Stephan Sirard said. "Their message and campaigns about the importance of getting tested and knowing your status is something that we fully support."

In addition to the fund raising activities, a special AIDS Awareness public service campaign video which features informative facts and HIV/AIDS prevention advice from some of Next Door Studio's top performers will be distributed. As part of their message, the models encourage their fans to get tested regularly and always know their status.

“Once a year, on Dec. 1, the world unites in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We come together to raise awareness, offer support to those living with HIV/AIDS, and pay tribute to those who we have lost,” Next Door said.