AdultCentro Dating Solution Plug-in Debuts

Rhett Pardon

CYBERSPACE — AdultCentro says it has developed a new concept in personals website member monetization to boost dating and social networking site ratios.

AdultCentro's newest offering, the AdultCentro Dating Solution Plug-In, is designed to improve conversions by offering value-adding incentives to the end-user, improve user retention by offering more than just a standard dating membership, create new revenue opportunities by upselling to members the AC Dating Video Feed and decrease cancellations, mostly because of access to a library of more than 100,000 videos.

"Having seen how the use of this monetization tool positively affected the revenues of dating programs that tested with it, we are thrilled about the potential this has," AdultCentro's Alan Hall said. "With very little programming and design implementation, clients can open up a whole new world of unforeseen opportunity."