Pink Daisy Celebrates Successful ILS Launch

LONDON   Pink Daisy, which is owned by wholesaler Planet Earth, reported that its debut at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) was a success.

The company said that the show boosted Pink Daisy product awareness in the U.S., a market which is becoming increasingly important to Planet Earth and its customers who are looking to expand outside the U.K.

Pink Daisy was taken to the ILS following increased demand in the region after the launch of Planet Earth USA earlier in the year, the company said.

The company said that in order to cater to the increased consumer demand following numerous Planet Earth marketing activities, Planet Earth’s main objective at ILS was to discover wholesale partnerships and select suitable representatives for Pink Daisy in the U.S. market.

Planet Earth CEO, Paul Boote, said, “The ILS provided us with an excellent platform to launch Pink Daisy into the American market, giving buyers a chance to see the product first hand and to try it out. We hope this will be the first of many U.S.-based shows we attend in the next twelve months.”

Pink Daisy said it has recently benefited from a packaging upgrade and now features a clear bottle with transparent label, enabling users to see the content of the product, a new cleaner and easier to use pump-action nozzle and an outer box featuring spot UV detailing.

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