PD Films Signs Materia Entertainment

Bob Johnson

MIAMI — PD Films, LLC announced today the addition of Materia Entertainment to its growing client list.

The company said the established webcam studio is expanding into adult movie production under the management of PD Films and will begin production on “South Beach Pickups” and “Erotic Beach Show,” under PD Films’ reality platform on April 16.

“The high-quality service PD Films presents is an ideal fit with Materia Entertainment. We are excited to sign with PD and begin working together as a team to diversify our reach within the adult industry.

"Carlos Cavero presented us with a stellar business plan and platform, and with our combined knowledge, experience, and networks, we will create great things,” Materia stated.

The new addition comes on the heels of PD Film’s announcement that it will exclusively manage worldwide broadcast distribution for Latin studio Dulce Media.

“Already known as a high-end webcam company, Materia Entertainment came to us wanting to broaden its output. PD Films will grow Materia into a multi-faceted production studio with movies catering to consumers’ demand for better quality and hotter sex,” said PD Films owner Carlos Cavero.

He added, “Under PD Films’ management, our extensive resources are open to existing adult businesses like Materia in order to equip them with the same advantages large, established companies have.”

For more information about Materia Entertainment visit MateriaEnt.com or Twitter.com/MateriaEnt.