Charlie Laine, Victoria White Featured in Indie Documentary 'Car Date'

Nelson Ayala

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY — Adult stars Charlie Laine and Victoria White are the unsuspecting subjects in first-time director Lacy Burke's "Car Date," a 43-minute long documentary on how to manipulate a woman's mind for sexual gain.

Marketed as a film by men, for men, to get men laid, "Car Date" follows Burke as he hits the town with Laine and White in an effort to "deconstruct" their behavior and demonstrate how doing so can provide the psychological insight necessary to influence their actions.

According to Burke, Laine and White were not told about the film's agenda, but instead led to believe that they were hired to be part of a pitch for a new reality series. "Porn stars could never be considered naive or inexperienced," Burke explained via press release. "If mind control tactics work on them, then they will work on any woman."

Laine and White have since distanced themselves from Burke and his film.

"He's just some guy that hired Victoria & I to do his documentary, then got pissed when we wouldn't kiss him for the ending," Laine tweeted in February. "Called us 'porn star sluts' and said he should be able to fuck us for the exposure his movie would bring us, can u say jackass?"

"Car Date" is available for rent and purchase on iTunes. Visit to see a trailer.

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