Screaming O Studio Collection Makes Official Debut This Week

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O Studio Collection is officially shipping to distributors and ready in time for Valentine’s Day sales.

“Pre-order sales have been so strong, we’ve already sold out of our first shipment and half of the second – before the products have even hit the shelves,” The Screaming O partner Justin Ross said. “The Studio Collection is a product line that no adult store can do without.”

Distributors, retailers and consumers are praising the line, the company says.

“We are so excited about the release of the new Studio Line by Screaming O!” Honey’s Place Account Manager Laura Sweet said. “The response at the recent industry shows was so positive and we have had many clients anticipating its release. The products are cute, discreet and powerful and should make a great impact in the marketplace.”

Eldorado account manager Cherise Romero said, “I can’t wait for these to get on the truck. I have several displays sold already and I’m anxious to start getting reorders. This Studio Collection is going to be a great success!”

The complete Studio Collection includes a Lipstick, Mascara Wand, and Makeup Brush vibrator; a matching cooling and warming intimate enhancement balm encased in an eye shadow compact; clitoral stimulation gel in a cleverly chic lip gloss tube; a Sexy Secrets Makeup Compact with a hidden bullet vibe inside; and a portable makeup bag that holds the entire collection in one discreet purse.

“Each item offers a completely unique extrasensory experience that was tested and appraised by members of the fashion world and beyond,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “Now retail outlets everywhere can invite women across the globe to Come In Style just in time for the most romantic of all holidays!”

The Studio Collection can be seen in its entirety in booths 4, 5 and 6 at the upcoming ANME Founders and XBIZ Retail shows, scheduled back-to-back Jan. 7-8 and Jan. 9-10 at the Burbank Marriott in Burbank, Calif.

To kick off the launch, adult boutiques in Montreal, New York City, Los Angeles and at the heart of Paris’ fashion district are celebrating The Studio Collection with Valentine’s Day inspired in-store premiere parties, planned as part of The Screaming O’s new retail store co-op program. The Screaming O is offering a promotional plan to retailers across the globe to host in-store events in their local areas.
“The Studio Collection, with its co-op marketing plan and merchandising kit, has the ability to reach a broader customer base than has ever before been available to retailers,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “The Studio Collection attracts shoppers who’ve never before set foot into an adult boutique, giving them a new reason to step foot into these stores and see what’s new.”

For more information about the retail store co-op program, please email

The Studio Collection features showcase displays, high-fashion full-color signage, and in-store marketing accessories in its signature black, white and red metallic hues – each designed to evoke a mainstream department store feel.