COLT Releases 'Manpower'

Lyla Katz

SONOMA, Calif. — The COLT Studio Group has released “Manpower,” now available on video-on-demand.

Directed by Kristofer Weston, the release features COLT men Aaron Cage, Bob Hager, Nate Karlton and Vic Rocco as well as Casey Williams, Marc Dylan, Shay Michaels and cover man Spencer Reed.

The setting is late-summer in California’s wine country, where the men engage in various sexual escapades among the grape vines.

“Lush vineyards and a luxurious pool serve as the backdrop as COLT Men put their muscular bodies to work,” the company said.

“Bronzed and glistening with sweat they come together for some serious man-on-man power exchange.”

Scenes can be viewed at

It will be available to wholesalers on Feb. 14.

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