More BitTorrent Suits Pared Down to Single Defendants

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — In the past week, four adult studios have filed 13 copyright infringement suits against alleged BitTorrent users.

K-Beech filed eight suits against eight John Does, with nearly all of the litigants from previously severed mass copyright claims; Third Degree Films filed four suits, with several of the suits naming hundreds of Does at a time; and Corbin Fisher sued one Doe.

More suits against BitTorrent users are being pared down to single defendants, as some federal judges are not swayed by plaintiffs' attorneys who initially demand about $2,500 per copyright violation.

One federal judge who ruled in On the Cheap's "Danielle Staub Raw," said that  mass copyright litigation with defendants scattered all over the country is a “logistical nightmare” for the courts and violates the "principles of fundamental fairness" to defendants.  

In the "Danielle Staub Raw" suit, U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman severed 5,010 Does. Last week, Zimmerman signed off on closing the case after attorney Ira Siegel said that there are no more defendants.