MJM Novelty Sales Taking Sales International With 2 New Hires

Ariana Rodriguez

CORNWALL, Ontario — MJM Novelty Sales has added Glenn Copper and Karine Parthenais to its international sales team.

According to Copper and Parthenais, MJM is unique in that in it operates without specific occupational titles to acknowledge equality within the team.

“The wonderful thing about MJM is that we do not have job titles, we all work as a team to achieve the common goal of supplying our customers with great product on a timely basis coupled with great customer service,” Copper told XBIZ. “If I had to put a title to my responsibilities it would probably be ‘international account executive,’ but if you receive a business card from anyone at MJM you will not see a title, just our name and contact info.”

Parthenais works closely with Copper — who is based in Arizona — while facilitating client sales and service from the company’s headquarters in Cornwall, Ontario.

“I rely on his past experiences and expertise to assist our clients, while he relies on my ability to keep the lines of communication open between both locations,” Parthenais told XBIZ.

Parthenais joined MJM in late-May following several years of sales and customer service roles at various companies.

“Although sales is a big part of my role, the key to my future success will be to incorporate all of the customer service, and business management skills I have acquired over the last several years to my current position,” she said. “I have managed sales teams, supervised customer service groups, and I have worked independently — all of these opportunities have allowed me to gain a great deal of knowledge. From corporate environments, to non-profit organizations — I’ve had a taste of it all. I now eagerly anticipate the challenges of my new role.”

Copper joined MJM at the beginning of August as a seven-year industry vet.

“I have spent the last seven years in this wonderful industry as a manufacturer’s rep with the first four being spent building accounts and relationships with distributors, chain retailers and party planners here in the U.S.,” Copper said, “and with the last three growing business internationally and securing partnerships with distributors and chain retailers across the globe including the U.K., Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Holland, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, South Africa and South America.”

Copper met the entire MJM team for the first time at the most recent International Lingerie Show, and he said he was amazed by their humble and positive personalities that enables them to provide the best possible experience to its existing and potential customers.

“I have not had a better experience than this in seven years of doing this show,” he said. “Everyone continues to be very helpful and respond quickly to all inquiries and requests that I make. I work very closely with Karine Parthenais at our Canadian office and am very happy and grateful for the wonderful help and support that she gives me every day, she is a dedicated and thoughtful colleague who has a passion for customer service.”

According to Parthenais, the MJM team’s solidarity derives from its company roots.

“As a family owned and operated business, everyone has the same mindset — work as a team for maximum results,” she said. “We rely on each other’s strengths to be as effective as possible, and we appreciate every effort from all members of the team. Whether you work in the office or the warehouse, you are an integral part of the business. It’s nice to be appreciated. We also have a lot of fun together. There’s never a dull moment in this office!”

For both of MJM’s newest reps, the company’s expansion is the main goal.

“I want to help create a strong image for MJM in the U.S. market, all while offering the best service to our clients,” Parthenais said. “Sounds simple enough but I really feel that customer service is a lost art. I don’t want our clients just carrying our products, I want them benefiting from the MJM experience. I truly believe the saying: ‘If you do not take care of your customer, somebody else will.’”

According to Copper, the company already is poised for growth with the launch of a dedicated U.S. facility.

“I hope to be able to replicate my previous successes and help to grow MJM’s business across all channels within the U.S. and internationally and achieve the same great results and reputation that they have in Canada,” Copper said. “We have some amazing, innovative brands that are all ready proving to be very popular, and with our dedicated U.S. facility opening in Vermont and shipping in early November, the commitment to excellent customer service and a willingness to work as a team to achieve this, I am certain that we have a very bright future and that our customers will enjoy working with us for many, many years to come.”

To contact Parthenais, email karine@mjmsales.ca.

Copper can be reached at (800) 336-3893, or via email at glenn@mjmsales.ca.