Tabitha Stevens Performs 1st Suicide Suspension Scene in 'Sanatorium'

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — Zero Tolerance has released its psychological thriller “Sanatorium” starring Tabitha Stevens and her first suicide suspension scene.

"It was absolutely physically and mentally exhausting to make this film," Stevens said.

"There were so many locations, 120 degree days, literally thousands of miles of travel and then topping it off with very intense sex scenes only to be hung by my flesh — WOW! I really went through what that character did in the movie with no pain killers or alcohol! I hung from my skin for the suicide suspension. I always wanted to do that and this movie gave me the opportunity to do that — for myself and for my fans."

The company describes the movie as a twisted, mesmerizing story about an iconic porn super star discovering a dark secret world of perverts occupied by senators, lawyers, priests and other do-gooders, whose public images as anti-porn crusaders are in direct opposition of their wicked lives behind closed doors.

The story takes the viewer into a world of sexy encounters, threesomes, anal sex and interracial escapades only to find the government officials exposed to what they really are behind closed doors. Related: