Collin O’Neal to Appear at The One X Party in Brussels July 10

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Collin O’Neal, owner and operator of World of Men, will be appearing at Jean Franko’s One X Party in Brussels on Monday, July 10.

“The last time I was in Belgium visiting my family and filming ‘Cum Fly with Collin,’ I dropped in by surprise on Jean Franko’s One X Party in Brussels nearly shocking him,” O’Neal said.

According to Franko, he and his co-producers were so impressed with Collin’s impromptu appearance they wanted to have Collin back as the main attraction over the summer.

The One X Party by Jean Franko will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday July 10. The party will coincide with the re-launch of the re-designed site powered by MyGayCash.