HomoActive.com Announces Relaunch

Lyla Katz
AMSTERDAM — Gay online shop HomoActive.com has announced a redesign and a relaunch.

The company says the new upgrades include new features, new design and enhanced speed and functionality.

“After five years using the same software, it was definitely time to upgrade,” said Jop, a director of HomoActive.com. “The brand new HomoActive.com is not only easier to use, faster and handier in navigation, but also boasts a lot of new features that we feel sure our customers will love.”

The company says the revamp also sees HomoActive.com changing from a simple DVD retailer to a gay lifestyle shop. Dildos, lubes, magazines and toys have now been added as well as a section featuring designer underwear will follow in June.

The company also says HomoActive.com is also now fully integrated into HomoActiveCash.com, which means even more commissions for its affiliates. According to the company, site owners can earn big money not only by promoting the shop, but also by featuring some of the biggest European gay sites such as the online streaming site, Homoactive.TV, RawFilms.net and the Johan-Volny.com club sites.

In addition, HomoActive.com will also feature special promotions and coupons.