Maddy G Productions Releases 2 Titles

ERIE, Pa. — This week Maddy G Productions released “Oral Servitude 2” and “Marie Madison's Girlfriends, the Special Two- Disc Home Town Edition.”

“Maddy is the queen of blowjobs and when she puts out a ‘face fucking’ movie that equals lots of preorders and sales,” says Hyland Church, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “A lot of people never saw the original ‘Girlfriends’ and can’t wait to own it. I love it when it’s a two-release Maddy week. The retailers don’t just choose one or the other — they take both titles.”

“Marie Madison's Girlfriends, the Special Two- Disc Home Town Edition” stars Madison and first-timers Allison Rhodes, Angel Simone, Trinity Malone and Lenna Rodriguez, who are half her age.

The movie is a re-release of the her first-all girl original title — the movie features four original strap-on scenes, along with an extra hour of bonus footage including screen tests with both Rhodes and Simone, a deleted scene with Wendy Kennedy, behind-the-scenes footage and galleries of all the girls.

“These are two movies that I’m especially proud of,” says Madison, a MILF performer, director and studio maven. “I get to show my prowess at face fucking and I get to re-release one of my favorite movies, my first all girl movie, and that really takes me back. When I watch both, I can see how far I’ve come as a performer and filmmaker. I’m sure the fans will be happy it’s a two release kind of week.”

For sales, email or call (818) 435-1608.