Elizabeth Book Returns to Daytona for Topfree Stand

Stephen Yagielowicz
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Free speech activist Elizabeth Book has announced her intent to once again protest in order to protect our rights to free speech in Daytona Beach.

Book made headlines in 2004 when she was arrested while staging a "Topfree" protest during Daytona Bike Week, where she bared her breasts while making a political speech.

Although women are commonly cited for exposing their breasts during Bike Week, the Daytona Beach public nudity ordinance allows nudity during a legitimate demonstration or protest. Despite this, police arrested Book once she removed her top. She ultimately prevailed in the case.

"I have notified the city of Daytona Beach, the County of Volusia, and the State of Florida of my intentions to protest, already," Book said. "At this time, I have received no replies from any officials, in opposition to what I have proposed."

Book is asking for all Volusia County Beaches to be included under the umbrella of the Constitution of The United States, and her First Amendment protections, for any women who may seek to join "The International Topfree Stand" protest.

"I will be making a speech at the Daytona Beach Pier at high noon, on the 28th. Then I will make a quiet Topfree protest walk to my little park by the river," Book added. "Thus, I will be protecting free speech, through my speech and through the peaceful protest walk that will encompass the chosen protest area."

Book says that she has also delineated all of Main Street Daytona Beach and the tiny little park at the west of the Main Street Bridge, Riverside Park, to be encompassed under her protections, as well.

The famous artist, Perego, will be body painting Book at Flaco's "Up In Smoke" Cigar Bar on Main Street at 6:00 p.m., on Sunday the 28th.

"Consider this my symbolic representation of Freedom of Expression," Book stated. "As my very own body will become my protest sign."

Book will be distributing the "Protestor's Handguide," which she has written, throughout the Main Street area. Through the production and distribution of the guide, she hopes to ensure that law enforcement has knowledge of all that she intends to protest in opposition to their laws that criminalize the female breasts.

Book also set the entire week of February 28 through Sunday, March 7, to be encompassed under the glorious cloak of our Constitution and Free Speech, demanding a full week of Constitutional Protections.

"I would encompass this great nation, from Sea to Shining Sea with this Freedom of Speech, no matter its cause, if I could. But just commanding one little small space and time for it, has become exceptionally difficult," Book concluded. "Whether or not, you chose to notify the public of our intentions to protest, is entirely up to you. I have simply done my part, in protecting this precious right, by duly notifying you of it."