Designers Béhar, Imboden Bring ‘Pleasure to the People’

Ariana Rodriguez
SAN FRANCISCO — Jimmyjane has released the Form 2, the first in a series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators called Pleasure to the People.

Yves Béhar and Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden, designed the line. Imboden told XBIZ the partnership was born from their involvement in the close-knit strategic design community.

“We immediately recognized a shared interest in leveraging design to push the boundaries and re-imagine not just individual products, but entire markets,” he said. “He showed me how to surf, I showed him what goes on inside a vibrator — all in a day’s work, as they say.”

The collaboration began in 2007 when Béhar and Imboden planned to develop one product. Imboden said that as work got underway, the two designers discovered there were numerous opportunities that they wanted to explore.

“We often mused about the possibility of collaborating, and when we finally decided to get to work, the technologies that Jimmyjane developed for the FORM line with the introduction of FORM 6 provided the perfect palette for the two of us to leverage,” he added.

Imboden said that the FORM vibes are named for their distinctive shape and functionality that resulted from the clarity of the design.

The FORM 2 follows the release of the FORM 6 vibe. Imboden said the numbers have nothing to do with the sequence of release.

“FORM 6 was actually the first vibrator in the line, and was named simply for the number on the sketch that led to the final design,” Imboden said. “FORM 2 is named for its two vibrating ears, offering twice the power. There are many more FORM vibrators to come — but they will not necessarily be sequential.”

Imboden launched Jimmyjane in 2004 and since then, the company has received several accolades including AIGA, I.D. and IDEA Awards. The company currently is working on forthcoming FORM releases.

The collaboration was named Pleasure to the People to address the evolution of the sex toy market.

“We chose to name the collaboration Pleasure to the People as a succinct expression of this spirit, and as a tongue-in-cheek rallying cry for the revolution that we — as an industry — are all bringing to the world,” Imboden said. “Collectively, vibrator manufacturers are making tremendous headway into the mainstream vernacular, and this is helping to propel all of our businesses.”

FORM 2 is available for sale at and will be in stores Nov. 15. Its suggested retail price is $135.

FORM 3 and FORM 4 will launch in March and May, respectively. These new additions to the company’s best-selling line of FORM Vibrators all incorporate Jimmyjane’s proprietary waterproof recharging technology system that enables the vibrators to be completely washable, bath-friendly, and to never require replacement batteries.

All the designs feature medical-grade silicone, are completely body-safe and are backed by Jimmyjane’s three-year limited warranty.