Heidi Mayne Featured in ‘Bruno’

VENICE, Calif. — Adult star Heidi Mayne is featured in a scene in the upcoming mainstream flick by Sacha Baron Cohen “Bruno,” which was filmed unbeknownst by Mayne.

“In October 2008, I was called by my agent, LA Direct Models, and asked if I would be interested in performing in a very unorthodox shoot,” Mayne said. “The premise was that this guy was a 30-something-year-old virgin and wanted to lose his virginity to a porn star on camera. I was told he was AIM tested, so of course, I was game.

“So I'm in the bedroom with him and the first thing I notice is that he is wearing way too much makeup. I went with it and started talking to him and he had the worst fake German accent.”

The scene continues with Mayne chasing a terrified Bruno around the room.

“He asks me to put on a T-shirt that has the print of a naked man's chest on it and a mustache,” Mayne said. “He continues to run all around the room until I get him completely naked, at which point he cups his package with his hands and barrel roll jumps out the window, through the glass — and I'm standing there thinking, this cannot be real.”

Calls made to the production company confirmed that Mayne was indeed shot for the upcoming blockbuster summer comedy.