All Boys Signs Buck Angel Entertainment for European Distribution

Tod Hunter
AMSTERDAM — AllBoysDistribution.EU will begin offering all films from transsexual performer Buck Angel after a newly signed deal granting the company full distribution rights for Buck Angel productions throughout mainland Europe.

The deal comes after a recent meeting in Las Vegas between Rob Ragan, founder of All Boys Distribution in the U.S., and Buck Angel, president of Buck Angel Entertainment.

"Buck and I were formally introduced by a mutual friend in Vegas, as Buck was seeking European distribution," Ragan said. "This is new ground for our company over there, as we've been slowly but surely growing in a very tough economic time overseas. The Euro markets have been as stalled as we've been here in the states waiting to see what the new administration will bring for the coming months. Now, we're confident though that we can get back to what we do best, which is release quality films into the market, and continue to build our presence worldwide."

Angel was happy to get European distribution.

"I am very excited to be with All Boys Distribution so my films can finally be released in the gay market," said Angel, who describes himself as the only "Man with a Pussy" in the adult industry. "I feel I'm bringing to Europe the most unique gay product ever."

Buck Angel Entertainment productions "The Adventures of Buck Naked (Director's Cut)", "V For Vagina," "Buck Off," "The Buck Stops Here," "Buckback Mountain" and "Even More Bang For Your Buck Part 1" have had a limited release in the Netherlands, but the sequels "Even More Bang For Your Buck 2" and "3" have not been released anywhere in Europe.

"Buck has developed an amazing following by his constant self promotion," said Craig Rivas, vice president of All Boys. "We feel that with the proper push in Europe, we can all do very well with a niche that Buck literally has a lock on.

"We have plenty of new films for the European market, making it up to us to get them into the hands of Buck's faithful customers who haven't been able to get anything new from the line for several months now," Rivas said.

All Boys plans to make all of the Buck Angel Entertainment productions available throughout Europe by the end of February, and will begin releasing Angel's new productions shortly thereafter.

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