Dirty Bird Pictures Enters ‘Endgame’

JC Adams
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Writer/director Jett Blakk has wrapped his latest feature for producer/director Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures. “Endgame” is a plot-driven suspense thriller showcasing the final erotic performance by Chad Hunt, who has announced his retirement from the skin trade.

“Endgame” is available now via the official Dirty Bird website, and will be released to wholesale in early February.

Featured players include Scott Campbell, Cort Donovan, James Hamilton, Trevor Knight, Nash Lawler, Kyle Pierce, Phenix Saint and Tyler Saint.

“When Trevor Knight is fired from his job, he is visited by a motorcycle-riding stranger (Chad Hunt) who claims to be his long-lost brother. He suggests they travel to places they visited as children to jog Trevor’s memory, but the only thing that’s jogged is their libidos. As their journey continues, Trevor becomes suspicious of Chad’s true motives,” the studio said.

The infamously well-endowed Hunt chose his pre-retirement role to make his onscreen bottoming debut.

“I’ve wanted to see Chad Hunt bottom ever since I first worked with him in ‘The Best of Jason Ridge’ five years ago,” Blakk told XBIZ. “When he called me and asked if I was interested in filming it, I almost fell off my couch in shock.”

He praised his leading man’s acting prowess — naked and otherwise. “I put Chad through his paces in ‘Endgame.’ He climbed a 30-foot boulder, rode a motorcycle. And he was topped by three guys.”

Blakk said Hunt was game for anything. “He asked not only to be challenged sexually, but also as an actor. He wanted a role with lots of dialogue and emotional range. This inspired me to write a layered script with lots of twists. You’re never sure of his true motivation until the very end.”

“Endgame” was shot on location in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, as well as Fort Bragg and Bodega Bay, Calif. Blakk said it was Dirty Bird’s “biggest production to date. Dink Flamingo placed his trust in me and gave me the go-ahead to make this movie.”

Dirty Bird Pictures recently earned an XBIZ Awards nomination as GLBT Studio of the Year, while Blakk was cited as GLBT Director of the Year.

For retail information, contact Dirty Bird online, or call (877) 608-4121. Wholesale orders are managed by Pulse Distribution. They can be reached by phone at (888) 797-8573.