Pumpkin Films Looking for U.S. Distribution

BRISTOL, U.K. — Pumpkin Films is looking for distribution in the U.S. for the Cathy Barry Entertainment series.

The series includes “The Affair,” which stars Cathy Barry and Omar Williams.

“We have been on top of our game for over 13 years now and have a 14,000- square foot sound studio, which is a small part of our multi million-pound studio facilities,” said Phil Barry, managing director of Pumpkin Films. “Having such an exclusive studio means we are able to dominate Europe with our presence.”

The company said that it is now looking to extend distribution to the U.S. and making deals with video-on-demand companies.

Pumpkin Films also is a production company that films content for Playboy U.K. and Television X.

For more information, visit www.pumpkinfilms.com, www.cathybarry.com, www.lauramichaels.net or www.pumpkinmedia.tv.