A Gay Dating And Chat Guide

Greg Mills
Editor's note: the following is presented to both help folks better their online communication skills, and aid online adult merchants in improving the marketing, operation, and profitability of their offerings:

For those of us who seldom travel, avoid gay hotspots or feel nervous about visiting gay venues, online text, video and voice chat can be the perfect solution. It can also offer you an exciting and safe platform to live out your wildest and most flamboyant fantasies.

Instant Messaging
One of the latest and most intuitive online chat systems can be found at whose free service offers members a quick and easy way to connect privately to each other via text, voice and video messaging.

The service allows members to connect in a way similar to talking over a walkie-talkie; you have to wait for your friend to finish before you can send your message. The other benefit over live messaging is that you have total editing control before you send your message.

Webcam Chat Advice
Good lighting is the most important thing to remember if you want to maintain the best image quality. Invest some time in maximizing your webcam set-up and ensure you or your subject is always well lit, both in front of and behind the webcam.

Don't take it personally if some people ignore your message – it may be that they have a broadband connection and so will appear online 24/7. In these cases it's often expected that they set their online status to 'away' or 'not at computer' – but this is not always the case.

Post as many profile photos as possible – face and body shots always get you noticed more than just a solitary image of your butt! Be aware also that most people refuse to reply to anyone without an image, so be sure to upload at least one public photo.

System Essentials
While you can get by without a webcam for text chatting, it's unlikely you'll get increased interest from other members using voice and video messaging if you don't invest in a webcam. For the ultimate online experience your computer should have a 700Mhz processor or better and be connected to a DSL line, a cable modem or broadband service.

Tips For Personals, Dating And Chat
These tips and techniques will help everyone have more success with their online escapades.

Express - Initiate the first move. Whether you leave them a text, video or voice message, don't let valuable opportunities pass you by. PR yourself and your best assets, no matter what they might be!

Enjoy - People love to be entertained. Make them laugh and you're more likely to make a real connection, along with an ice-breaking first impression, you'll also appear in control without taking yourself too seriously.

Seduce - Sometimes mystery can be a blessing but try to avoid serious attitude. Let yourself go and try to project a more willing, sexually flirtatious, interested and interesting image of yourself.

Focus - Remember that other members are hungry to chat with the real you. Start your video or voice messaging session when you're relaxed and in the right mood without the distraction of being interrupted by friends.

Trust - Be honest and genuine. Video and voice chat can often tell the whole story, so remember to temper this with an understanding of what the others may wish to see, without exposing yourself too often and too soon.

Tease - Leave the session with them hanging on for more. Don't labor your point or look too desperate. Leave while there's still sizzling interest between you both.

Whether you chat, or sell chat services, a better understanding of the dynamics involved will help ensure your success.