Adult Subscriptions on Upswing

Affil4you.com staff

The latest report on mobile trends from Juniper Research finds that mobile adult subscription revenue is set to top $1 billion by 2015. Fueled by the rapid growth in tablet adoption and the ever-increasing smartphone boom, many firms are finding it easier to convert these mobile users into paying consumers.

Offering a more engaging experience that caters to portability and privacy, mobile content provides enhanced, high-definition clarity and browsing options that offer a number of great opportunities to market and monetize in the mobile space today.

Research points to increased adoption of mobile devices, as well as support for marketing porn content.

The flexibility that newer smartphone platforms are providing designers and developers, as well as the advent of HTML5, is helping to create a more robust and higher quality mobile presence for adult websites.

Mobile entrepreneurs currently don’t have to do much to benefit from the increasing volume of traffic driven organically through the increased use of mobile and tablets - they have the advantage of gaining more exposure almost by default … just by having a mobile presence at all. To monetize on a mobile presence, building a large and recurring subscriber base, and consequently making enough money off of redirected traffic to begin spending additional money on marketing the site, is the most strategic way to establish a presence in the mobile market.

Subscription billing combined with CRM is one of the most lucrative mobile marketing strategies currently being put to use.

The market is ripe with notable mobile ad networks than can provide partners with traffic to their mobile sites using some of the most efficient and robust tracking and reporting capabilities that the industry has ever seen.

In most cases, many websites are already getting a reasonable percentage of mobile traffic organically – which means they will need a way to monetize that traffic, otherwise it just goes to waste.

This is where finding a good company with a strong mobile redirection solution is your best strategy. Generally, it is worth buying mobile traffic from a trusted mobile ad network and redirecting it to a mobile redirection service, which will make every effort to monetize that traffic and generate consistent and high profits for you on your future mobile traffic.

A mobile redirect dramatically makes it easier for a mobile website owner to build revenue. He no longer has to host a mobile site, worry about banners, or worry about localization – he simply plugs in the redirection code and begins generating revenue!

It’s a mystery why most website owners and operators aren’t doing anything to monetize their mobile traffic at this time while we are in an era where much of the traffic to many of their websites is coming from mobile handsets or tablet.

Currently, the traditional credit card billing method is the least efficient way to collect money from their users. With mobile redirection, website owners are able to offer their users the ability to be billed directly through their mobile carrier — this has proven to be many times better than credit card billing for mobile.

With research pointing to the increased adoption of mobile devices amongst consumers and the burgeoning technologies to support their use for marketing adult content, mobile business continues on an all-time high.