MobiDEEP: Stealth Security

Stephen Yagielowicz

Adult performer and member, Sabrina Deep, has taken interactivity, sex and security to the next level — offering an adult mobile application with a difference — it hides itself from prying eyes and prohibited access, including by children, employers and spouses.

The MobiDEEP application (, produced in conjunction with the performer’s multimedia production company, Fanstalker, claims to be the first adult app for Android to be equipped with an integrated stealth system, making it invisible and inaccessible to unauthorized use. When in stealth mode, the application and its icon, along with all adult content, is completely hidden from view and only accessible once a user enters a secret five-digit code typed into the phone’s dialer.

The mobile phone is one of the most personal items we carry around, but it’s also the most exposed one to the external world.

According to the company, Fanstalker is a mature audience oriented multimedia production company based in Italy and Canada. Founded in 2011, its mobile division aims at becoming the industry leader in developing innovative applications that feature high standards of privacy.

“The mobile phone is one of the most personal items we carry around, but it’s also the most exposed one to the external world: kids at home, partners, friends, colleagues at work, even strangers have had access to our mobile phone at least once,” Deep explains. “It’s pretty normal that mobile owners want to keep a certain kind of content on their phone to a minimum.”

“But with MobiDEEP and its stealth system, [fans] can finally enjoy a multi-featured, dynamic adult application on their phone, while keeping it discreet and private,” Deep added. “We call it [our] PMS or Protected Mobile Sex system, and we believe that it’s going to set a standard in the soon-to-expand adult apps market.”

The free MobiDEEP application is not just a watereddown mobile version of Sabrina’s adult website however, as it offers a number of innovative features; including the Adultstar GPS, which allows the user to track Deep’s location. In addition, the untraceable slideshow player delivers Deep’s videos and images accompanied by a user-selected soundtrack; while a 3D flipping news gadget reveals the performer’s latest activities in real time. There is even a function to call Deep’s private phone and speak with her.

In addition to securing her adult content, the MobiDEEP application secures photos and videos that the user has taken with their Android device, preventing display by the Media Finder or other software.

MobiDEEP is available from Fanstalker Adult Mobile, Get-Jar, Mikandi and via other Android markets.


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