Blogger Spotlight: Cultural Exposé

Ariana Rodriguez

Based in New York, 24-year-old Sarah White became an international media sensation as the Naked Therapist offering counseling services in the nude online via video-chat. As a subsidiary to her business White launched to expose various views on sex and the impact on culture. Through weekly Naked Awards, brings attention to cultural views on sex that run the gamut from the progressive to the narrowminded. White sat down with XBIZ to discuss the dynamics of her blog.

When did you launch

My goal is for it to become a hub for information on all that’s brave, fun and cutting-edge in our culture in the areas of sex, psychology and general human concerns.

We launched in March 2011. The blog is meant to be a place that presents thoughts on sex, psychology and the human condition, much of it through the lens of what I’m learning as a Naked Therapist. To spread news, reward daring individuals, and inspire community and dialogue about these topics was the goal of the blog.

How has your inspiration for blogging evolved?I have learned a lot about blogging. At first it was just to “put up posts and get some attention” for the issues I found interesting. Now I see that it’s about reaching out to others, sharing knowledge, crosspollinating ambitions, and really being a part of the new conversation about opening up our culture to innovative methods and ideas.

How does your Naked Therapy business relate to the blog?

They certainly feed off each other in terms of traffic, and I also use my practice as a place to gather ideas on which I base many of my articles.

How has the publicity from your therapy business served the

When I get attention for my therapy business, readership at goes up. I am also a pretty active tweeter and Facebooker, and when something catches on in those areas it helps greatly. Also, we give out our Naked Awards to other sites, writers and personalities, and that’s bringing us some attention as well.

What inspired the launch of your weekly awards?

I was looking for a way to say “yes!” and no!” to certain things in our culture. “Yes” to all the people who are supporting freedom, sexuality and truth, and “No!” to all the people who weren’t. So the idea for the awards emerged, and it’s been very successful.

What are your goals for this blog?

My goal is for it to become a hub for information on all that’s brave, fun and cutting-edge in our culture in the areas of sex, psychology and general human concerns. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but let me just say this — thanks so much to our readers, and keep clicking back!


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