Next-Gen Toys for Boys

Ariana Rodriguez

Whether as the giver or receiver, men’s desire for penetration has been the inspiration for a vast array of ground-breaking sex toys that replicate sex and transform the regular act of masturbating with different options in materials and product designs. Many manufacturers are looking to change the game with a new generation of male sex toys that focus on delivering unique, external sensations.

Fun Factory USA’s Cobra Libre device, modeled after the eponymous British race car, which features two motors and a silicone inner lining, delivers stimulation with a variety of vibration settings by sweeping a finger over the light-up, Slide touch pad.

Many manufacturers are looking to change the game with a new generation of male sex toys that focus on delivering unique, external sensations.

Fun Factory USA’s Rudy Kottbauer describes the Cobra Libre as a vibrator for men. Noting that men exert a lot of energy during sex and also masturbation, Kottbauer said that the Cobra Libre relieves them of the work to enjoy only pleasure.

“The Cobra delivers a feeling to the penis head which no man can achieve through masturbation or sexual intercourse,” Kottbauer said. “It is a range of vibrations which men who have a very sensitive head [of the penis] will especially love. It is a vibrating massager for the penis. Any part of the body likes to be massaged and vibrated, so why not the penis? Not only does it give a man sexual excitement, but it also relaxes him in a very comforting way.”

The Cobra Libre works by touching and playing around a man’s penis head with vibration. “It mostly circles around the lower part of the head of the penis and it causes an amazing feeling that isn’t over-stimulating, which could otherwise lead to a not-so-comfortable feeling,” Kottbauer said. “It can also be seen as a medical device for men who have erection issues, since the vibrating circulates the blood vessels stronger and enhances erections much easier and faster.”

Late last year, Big Teaze Toys introduced the Man Eaters from Outer Space massagers for men, and as the product’s packaging claims, the release signifies the entrance of “A New Species of Toys for Boys.”

A simple squeeze to the Man Eaters’ bellybutton activates one of three speeds of the massager.

“The Man Eater vibrates, but its overall function and way of use is unique,” Big Teaze President Tony Levine said. “It’s unlike most common stick or cigar-shaped vibrators, that are not really designed for use on a man’s penis. While getting excited it’s much harder to hold a vibe in the ideal position, a cigar-shaped vibe wants to wander away from the point of most sensitivity (under the head of the penis.) It gets harder to focus the more excited you get and harder to hold it in the best position without sliding off in frustration.”

The patent-pending, compound, curve shape of the Man Eaters’ mouth allows the toy to act like a train on a track, keeping it in the right position on the penis. The center motor mounted in the middle of the mouth allows for a radiating vibration around the diameter of the penis and cupping of the balls, instead of just one contact point that a traditional vibe allows, Levine said. He added that the toy’s ballshaped head also can be used by women.

When Enviromax released the Prostate Cradle five years ago, it was marketed as a sexual health device meant to externally stimulate the prostate. The recently reintroduced Extra Soft Prostate Cradle targets men while they are still beginners with an alternative to internal prostate massagers.

“Many straight guys are not interested in traditional, internal prostate massage,” said Adam McVay, a certified massage therapist and the Cradle’s inventor. “Consequently, they often have prostate health issues, and they miss out on a lot of great orgasms. This too is changing however, and the Cradle is part of a current shift toward expanding sexual awareness and education.”

McVay said that customer surveys show that the same percentage of men that purchase the Cradle just for medical purposes as they do for sexual purposes, however the majority say they use it for both. Sitting on the Cradle gently stimulates the perineum area — the external area known as the male G-spot — with vibrating bullets that insert into the Cradle and can be used over light clothing.

“Because the Cradle is externally used, it provides men with a revolutionary new way to break down barriers and explore the ‘forbidden areas’ around the prostate,” McVay said.

The Screaming O, a sex toy manufacturer owned by two men, Justin Ross and Keith Caggiano, entered the industry with a man’s pleasure in mind, and has since continuously upped the ante when it comes to cock rings.

“At first the focus was marketing to the male ego,” Caggiano said, “using the Screaming O Vibrating Ring would let them watch their partners scream with joy as they congratulate themselves for their sexual accomplishment. Besides, there’s a good chance that the biggest male sex organ is the ego!

“But as our research and development process began exploring new designs and functions, the focus expanded from ego enhancement to include physical pleasure just for him, giving men even more reason to try a sex toy. Now many of our toys have specially designed stimulation points for women with just as essential ‘sexcessories’ for men, making sex exciting and invigorating for both.”

The company’s product line offers traditional vibration stimulation with its stretchy, yet snug cock rings. And many designs, including the Two-O, Tri-O and the BigO 2, offer an additional vibrator underneath the shaft which is positioned specifically to direct vibration to the testicles and perineum, or taint. The WooHoo goes so far as to offer a sort of “holster” for the testicles, which holds the super-powered bullet securely where it counts.

According to Caggiano, The Screaming O’s Bong O and Bang O designs were developed from brainstorming different ways for more adventuresome couples to experience sex together, using stimulation other than the rubbing, buzzing and pulsing that most sex toys offer. What resulted was a teasing, titillating, tapping sensation created by the Bong O with one swinging pleasure ball and then the Bang O with an extended, triple-weighted, swing extension to increase its erogenous reach.”

While sexual awareness may be growing among men, manufacturers such as The Screaming O are taking the initiative to introduce new pleasures for men. “Some of our newer items in the Carnal Carnival Collection were developed following multiple research and development processes. The goal of each was to develop sex toys that had features for men that didn’t appear ‘obligatory,’” Caggiano said.

Big Teaze’s Levine however, says his company receives requests for more options for men.

“Although we have made male-friendly toys, such as our Fishies and Dai-do line, this is the first toy we have made specifically for men after years of people begging us to,” Levine said. “I don’t think I would say there is a renewed interest [in making men’s toys], it’s just harder to make new toys for men than for women. I think many companies are rethinking how to deliver new products to the male market. We just do it in a wacky and fun way that no one else has.”