WIA: Magalie Rheault

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How did you get into this? What in your background prepared you for what you're doing now?

whenever I need to travel for work, it's a real pleasure

I've always been in sales and marketing so that truly was my path.

I did marketing here for about a year and a half before the FameDollars idea was put on the table. I met with one of the owners, who was to build this new project from scratch and it all started there. The program has grown tremendously through the last three years and we've signed huge names like Peter North, Tera Patrick, Rocco Siffredi, Silvia Saint, Devil's Films and others. I couldn't be prouder to now be leading this project!

What could've prepared me for what I'm doing now is the open mindedness of my family. My parents don't judge anyone and are really open to whatever choices people around them make. They also thought me to stay true to myself, and others, and to believe in what I can achieve. I know for sure that I wouldn't be here if I wasn't like that.

What changes have affected your work since you started it?

Well, at first, the main traffic sources were TGPs, MGPs and review sites. It was pretty straightforward: most sponsors were offering the same type of tools to webmasters and that was it.

The whole concept of Web2.0 and user-submitted content sites is now giving us quite the headache with all the stolen content out there, but we need to find innovative ways to work with it. We adapted our promo tools, which led to a whole new structure for us internally. We did adapt and are still evolving. Things move so fast that you have to be in the know of what's coming and know the business enough to plan ahead. I guess I could say that these changes in the sources of traffic have a real effect on the way we run things.

Does your work affect your personal life?

It affects my personal life but not necessarily in a negative way. I love to travel, so whenever I need to travel for work, it's a real pleasure. I'm away from home a lot more but since I don't have kids, it's a positive thing when you love traveling. Meeting new people and interacting is the thing I love most. I also need to be available at all times, at least on my cell phone. That's a thing I didn't have to really think about before.

It might have affected the way I look at porn. I can't watch a movie without noticing the whole set-up — the same goes for a site: I'll browse around and will look at the trades they do, how they're marketing their products, the features and all that. I'll even start writing down some things that I find interesting or ideas that pop in my mind. So anyway, that's the most obvious one: I can't watch porn without "working" now.

What's the most difficult thing about being a woman in this industry? Has it changed with time?

In the beginning, I would have said that it can be tougher to be taken seriously. It really was a man's world. It still is — but we see more and more women working in this industry, having high positions and making things happen.

With time, I think that I've easily proven my abilities and people now know me, know how I work and know that I deliver. Being taken seriously is not a question any more.

It's more difficult for us women to develop that bond that guys naturally have together, that testosterone bond. But once you're able to cross that line and become ''one of the guys'' and be able to bond with everyone the same way, it's not even an issue any more.

Do you have a personal motto or slogan that you follow?

It's more of a state of mind. I try to take it easy because there is so much to do that I could easily go nuts. I start my day with a three-page-long To Do list and it adds up every hour. So I take it one thing at a time, one day at a time — and that's it.