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UPDATED: Porn Industry - Come To New Hampshire!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 Text size: 

[An Update at the bottom of this page from Marc Randazza....]

No matter what you may have heard, there are only two states in the continental US where you can legally record real people having sex for money onto film, tape or memory card with the intent to sell those images. Those states are California and New Hampshire. New Hampshire remains untouched by condom wars at this point.

New Hampshire? Huh??????

Yes, there are production companies that get away with producing adult content in places like Florida, Nevada, Georgia and Texas. . . But that does not mean that it is legal to produce porn there. It is a matter of if/when you get caught. And when the law comes knocking on your porn set door, you will face legal fees, loss of income and a lot of valuable time while the law figures out if you were engaging in an illegal activity or not.

Filming real people having sex on camera for money is legal in California due to the legal precedent created in 1988 when the California Supreme Court decided the case of “California v. Freeman,” by declaring that producer and director, Harold Freeman was not engaged in “pimping” or “pandering” when he hired consenting adults to appear in “non-obscene” sex acts. This verdict makes the filming and producing of hardcore pornography legal in the State of California. While the State of California has tried to overturn this verdict, it still stands that it is legal to produce sexual content for sale to the public in California.

In 2008, the New Hampshire Supreme Court also declared that in the case of “New Hampshire v. Theriault,” defendant Robert Theriault was not engaged in “pimping” or “pandering” when he hired a consenting couple to appear in “non-obscene” sex acts. The ruling cited that the defendant had not solicited the couple “to have sexual intercourse for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification as opposed to making a video.” Part of this decision was based on precedent set by California Supreme Court’s ruling in “California v. Freeman.” There are allegedly plans to appeal the New Hampshire decision. However at the time of this post, it is legal to produce hardcore porn in New Hampshire.

In both of the above cases, First Amendment Rights of Free Speech in America also played a role in the ultimate decisions. Creating “art” is defended as a category of Freedom of Speech.

So, after watching the California drama playing out from our Wasteland.com home based in New Hampshire, I thought it might be helpful to put in a pitch for studios moving to the "Live Free Or Die" state rather than Nevada. (and yes, ironically, "live free or die" is our state motto on our license plates, stamped out by incarcerated prisoners here. Oh dear....)

But first, let's take a look at Nevada.  The obvious choice for studios wanting to flee California and that strange little man with his condom agenda that now is making this a decision point at gunpoint.

At the surface, Nevada looks like a great alernative to LA and CA in general.  Kinda-sorta liberal. Lots of cheap real estate (with black mold) and a hop skip and a jump to get performers in from LA for shoots. Nice airport!  Good entertainment on the strip!  But, filming porn in Nevada is illegal, and falls under the prostitution and pandering laws.  And maybe worse, Vegas is a 100% Union Town.  If you thought CalOsha and Wienstien were a pain in the ass, just wait till the Teamsters knock on your door to make sure the guys you have hauling cables and handing out pizza have a union card at 1000% the expense of the kids you had doing it in LA.

Sure,common knowlege is that Vegas is all "corporate now", divested of its rat pack, made-men beginnings, but what is worse? Frank Sinatra or Steve Wynn having their hand down your pants to rip your wallet out of your ass "for protection"?

Anyway, let's move back to the topic at hand of the great "Granite State" of New Hampshire being your new porn home......

Location, Location, Location!
NH is a lovely state, situated equidistant between NYC and Montreal (4.5 hours by car to either).  If you consider moving here, do what we have done - move to the southern edge bordering Massachusetts.  The NH/MA border is known as the "thin line between comedy and tragedy", but if you locate more than 30 miles north of the Mass border, you just might run into some scary people.  Look at Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and other small cities clinging to sane life on the Mass border.  Everything north of that is right out of a Steven King novel. Bring your own banjo and albino creepy guys.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!
If you do consider moving to New Hampshire, be sure to rent both your home and commercial property.  When Angie and I moved up here 20 years ago, we loved the concept of no sales or personal income tax, but then discovered the annual tax bill on our 5000 sq foot home was over $12k.  ouch.  RENT!

Culture, Culture, Culture!
One of the nice things about being in Southern NH is being so close to Boston, NYC and Montreal.  Great arts and entertianment towns.  The one thing you will find, being a busy pornographer though is that after the first year, it will all get kind of dull and after the first time yoiu go to a Red Socks game and have a drunk Irish guy puke on your shoes for no reason, you'll probably just stay home and watch HBO.

Talant, Talent, Talent!
This is the odd one....  New Hampshire is 35 miles north of Boston, and 4.5 hours from both NYC and Montreal. Boston is sort of a wash for performers.  It's very conservative there and most "nude models" are in Harvard Law School and have more sense than to do video porn which will come back at them eventually); but...NYC has a large pool of talent, as does
Montreal, but bringing talent in from Canada violates the "Mann Act" ( federal crime for transporting models over international borders). NYC performers tend to think outside the porn box, making for odd negotiations.

Climate, Climate, Climate!
New Hampshire has a wonderful climate 5 weeks of the year!
Lovely 74 degrees.
Bugs the size of your puppy, but fine.......
The rest of the year sucks. Beware.
(oh, heating costs this winter were about $1500 a month for our house and studio. Painful!)

So, that is my insider report from the Great White NorthEast!
Maybe it's time to move? But where, if you have elderly parents or community ties in the USA and want to live a normal life? Prague/Hungary/Madagascar/Mozamique are lovely for about two weeks, and then you miss "home"....  Oh. And there is that "out for the frying pan, into the fire" varable.  Careful. careful......


UPDATE From Attorney Marc Randazza....

Re: Nevada..

It is legal in Nevada.  They tried to change the prostitution statute to fit adult film, and we showed up at the state assembly meeting and not only got them to change back, but the Atty. Gen. noted in the legislative history that they did so because they considered people versus Freeman to be good law in Nevada as well. 

Also remember that half of people v.  Freeman was a reliance on the First Amendment. That still applies in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. 

At this time, if it has an American flag flying over it it is legal to film porn there. 

However, it is a good idea to examine the states prostitution statute to see if you need to rely on the First Amendment or if you just need to rely on the statutory construction of the prostitution statute in that state.

That said, I would fucking kill to move to New Hampshire.  I love it there. 

As the founder and CEO of Wasteland.com, the Internet's oldest and leading alternative sexual community, Colin Rowntree is a true pioneer of the online adult entertainment industry. Colin's stature within the industry is reflected by the many honors and recognitions he has received, including his 2010 XBIZ Award for Excellence in Alternative Erotica and 2011 Leadership Award from the Free Speech Coalition.

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Time To Surf For Porn.

Sunday, January 05, 2014 Text size: 

As most of us in North America have noticed, "Climate Change" has come down like a hammer on most of the US and Canada this winter with snowstorms, ice storms and temperatures dipping below ZERO in most parts of our realm the past couple of months.

Being a stats geek, I took a look at how this might be effecting surfers looking for porn (rather than scraping ice off of the driveway, or running into a tree to go buy milk).

My cue to do this was the result of the US Federal Government Shutdown a few months ago that resulted in a 1500% increase of porn search traffic coming in from Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland that appeared to have a few hundred thousand government workers sitting at home waiting to go back to work.

I've also noted this shifting pattern for almost 10 years when the Unemployment Rate goes up and down, the Stock Market fluctuates, the USA declares war on a camel in a tent, and other mainstream market variables come into play that result in folks sitting on their cans at home either bored and looking for porn, or scared to death of the economy and deciding to clean out the basement rather than get tempted by a gal in fishnets in Bulgaria wanting some live video sex chat at $4 a minute.  But wait!

As much as I think Google Analytics (and Google in general) is some spawn of Satan that sucks down surfer's personal info, that really is the go-to place for most sites on the web to go see what is happening as our dear surfers wander around the interwebs.  Ergo, this is the place that I had to look.....


Okay, let's take a look......

During the horrible storms that swept through Texas and the East Coast a few weeks ago, there was indeed a 1000% increase in surfer traffic from effected states. Oddly enough, they bought things.

Hmmm. Maybe time to go inside and surf for Porn?
During the "Cold Snap" that Canada sent our way (thanks, Canada.  You suck. Again.), same thing. 1000% increase in porn surfer traffic coming from the Midwest and the Northeast. Oddly enough, they also bought things.

The other interesting stat to note is that in areas with major power failures that cause laptops and desktops to stop working if the power is out at home, mobile traffic shot up off the grid.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and apparently if home-bound surfers have no electricity, they move over to their mobile devices that still work (maybe in the car?) for a bit of naughty entertainment.

Also of interest is that California and the Western States that did not have any horrid "weather events" occur the past two months, they  remain at their usual traffic and purchase levels, but any time in the past there is a massive brush fire, earthquake or some other ground shaking West Coast event, the traffic goes up there as well.

It's kind of obvious that when hit by ice and snow storms, or it is so cold outside, most folks have the good sense to stay inside. And surf for porn for a bit of enjoyment! And buy things!

Bring it on, Mother Nature! Online porn needs all the help it can get!

Visit Colin at Wasteland.com


Are B2B Holiday Gifts A Thing Of The Past?

Monday, December 16, 2013 Text size: 

Having been around Adult for about 20 years now, one thing I have noticed sort of bugs me.

Where did all the Holiday Gifts go from program owners, hosting companies, ad brokers, and all the other folks that should give a little gift during the XMas, Kwanza, Hannukah and other Winter Solstice holidays to follk they bill or benefit from?

At Wasteland / Spicecash. we continue to send a half gallon of Vermont Maple Syrup, an NFL-Branded toaster for a favorite team, and so on.  But I have noticed that the flow of holiday gifts seem to have fallen off the annual schedule for lots of folks in "austerity mode".

Sure, Netbilling continues to send leather bomber jackets and crystal clocks. Good for Mitch! But from what I can see, most everyone else has tossed holiday giving into the ditch.

Not wanting to sound preachy, but these little gifts to your best employees, vendors and clients are what make us a little human for a few weeks of the year.  A $10 gift certificate at Barnes and Nobles for someone that has done great biz for you in the last year is a no brainer for building loyalty.

And, an obscure old British holiday song for ya....

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat;
Please put a penny in the old man's hat.
If you haven't got a penny, a ha-penny will do;
If you haven't got a ha-penny then God Bless You!"

Merry XMas, Kwanza, etc...

Go shopping, gang! Ten bucks at a time will set you apart as a "good guy"



Forbes Reports Google's Illegal Revenue Over $1 Billion. Porn at Risk Again.

Monday, November 11, 2013 Text size: 
By Colin Rowntree

Last month, another distasteful use of your personal information by Google came to light: The company now will attach your name and likeness to advertisements delivered across its products without your permission. Including pornsites that you were silly enough to look at while you were logged in to your GMail account. You too can now have your smiling Google+ photo and real name right next to the rich text snippet for some porn site you accidentally visited from a deceptive google link.  

OUCH! As happens every time the search giant does something scary, evil or stupid, Google's plan to turn its users into unwitting endorsers has inspired a new round of jabs at Google's famous slogan "Don't be evil." While Google has deemphasized the motto over time, it remains prominent in the company's corporate code of conduct, and, as a cornerstone of its 2004 Founder's IPO Letter, the motto has become an inescapable component of the company's legacy. Famous though the slogan might be, its meaning has never been clear. In the 2004 IPO letter, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin clarify that Google will be "a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains." But what counts as "good things," and who constitutes "the world?"

The slogan's significance has likely changed over time, but today it seems clear that we're misunderstanding what "evil" means to the company. For today's Google, evil isn't tied to malevolence or moral corruption, the customary senses of the term. Rather, it's better to understand Google's sense of evil as the disruption of its brand of (computational) progress. Of course, Google doesn't say so in as many words; the company never defines "evil" directly.

But, now that over the past years Google has gone from a nice, offbeat little company (with a really nice employee vegan-friendly cafeteria) that simply wants to make our lives better, to what, for lack of a better way to describe it, "A New World Order", we seem to be seeing more and more evil coming down the cyper-pike just about weekly now. Want free, stolen porn? Just hop on Google, grab your stick and double click and a whole world of stolen porn on Tubes, Torrents and File Sharing sites are presented to you (after the first 3 pages of Wikipedia, Redbook and Ladies Home Journal results), and just before the traditional legitimate adult industry websites (read paysites) even come up.  

Same goes for pirated software.  Google search "Photoshop" and after the obligatory Wikipedia articles, the first one that comes up are links to Youtube videos that show you, step by step, how to go steal a copy of it from a torrent, and then how to disable its security so it can't "call home" for detection by Adobe as being on your computer. But, how are they making money from promoting piracy, other than becoming a first-stop destination for anyone looking for just about anything, and the more you go there, the more data they harvest about your wants, needs and desires? Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman — a product of Harvard’s college, law school, and economics PhD program — believes that Google has done a nice job of rope-a-doping the legal community that has been trying to hold it accountable.  In his report, he says,

"Last week, Google's 10-Q disclosed a $500 million charge "in connection with a potential resolution of an investigation by the US Department of Justice into the use of Google advertising by certain advertisers." Google initially declined to say more, but a Wall Street Journal report revealed that the charge resulted from Google's sale of advertising to online pharmacies that break US laws. While Google has certainly profited from selling advertisements to rogue pharmacies, that's just one of many areas where Google sells unlawful advertisements. Here are six other areas where I've also seen widespread unlawful AdWords advertisements:
  • Advertisements charging for something that's actually free. I've documented scores of AdWords advertisements that attempt to trick users into paying for software that's widely available for free -- charging for RealPlayer, Skype, WinZip, and more.
  • Advertisements promising "free" service but actually imposing a charge. I have also flagged dozens of advertisements promising "100% complimentary" "free" "no obligation" service that actually comes with a monthly charge, typically $9.99/month or more. Promising "free" ringtones, these services rarely ask users for their credit card numbers. Instead, they post charges straight onto users' mobile phone bills -- combining carrier-direct billing with deceptive advertising claims in order to strengthen the illusion of "free" service.
  • Copyright infringement - advertisements touting tools for infringing audio and video downloads. For example, media companies uncovered Google selling advertisements to various download sites, typically folks charging for Bittorrent clients. These programs helped users download movies without permission from the corresponding rights-holders, which is a double-whammy to copyright holders: Not only did labels, studios, artists, and filmmakers get no share of users' payments, but users' payments flowed to those making tools to facilitate infringement.
  • Copyright infringement - advertisements touting counterfeit software. For example, Rosetta Stone in six months notified Google of more than 200 instances in which AdWords advertisers offered counterfeit Rosetta Stone software.
  • Advertisements for programs that bundle spyware/adware. At the peak of the spyware and adware mess a few years ago, distributors of unsavory software used AdWords to distribute their wares. For example, a user searching for "screensavers" would receive a mix of advertisements -- some promoting software that worked as advertised; others bundling screensavers with advertising and/or tracking software, with or without disclosure.
  • Mortgage modification offers. Consumers seeking mortgage modifications often receive AdWords advertisements making deceptive claims. A recent Consumer Watchdog study found AdWords advertisers falsely claiming to be affiliated with the US government, requiring consumers to buy credit reports before receiving advice or help (yielding immediate referral fees to the corresponding sites), and even presenting fake certification logos. One prominent AdWords advertiser had previously faced FTC litigation for telemarketing fraud, while another faced FTC litigation for falsely presenting itself as affiliated with the US government. Other advertisers suffer unsatisfactory BBB ratings, and some advertisers falsely claim to have 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

In a related story this week, CNN Money jumped on the fashionable bandwagon, blaming what they decry as the meldown of corporate tech infrastructure on..... You Guess It!  PORN! In REALLY BIG HEADLINE FONTS, CNN announced:

Want to stop nasty worms from spreading on corporate networks? It would help if bosses stopped going to porn sites.

porn keyboard The CNN photo editor stayed up all night making this little clever gem. A little more solid journalism might have been a better use of resources? Nice Apple Keyboard though!
According to a recent survey by software firm ThreatTrack Security, 40% of tech support employees admit they've had to clean an executive's corporate device after the boss visited an infected porn website.The survey, conducted in October, shows that while it's generally gotten easier for companies to defend themselves from outside attacks, bosses' bad habits make it difficult to keep up. Here are some other mistakes executives make:
  • 56% got malware from clicking on a bad link or getting duped by a fake "phishing" email.
  • 47% attached an infected device, like a thumb drive or smartphone, to their PC.
  • 45% got a virus when they let a family member use a company computer.
  • 33% installed a malicious app on their company device.

cisco virus report

Cisco reports 36% of viruses and malware come from search engines. Online Video at 22% but not porn videos. Social Networks @ 20%. Where's all this evil porn? Ummm... Excuse Me, CNN?  The four bullet points you list have nothing to do with porn!  It's a well documented fact that the vast majority of viruses and malware come not from pornsites, but high traffic mainstream ones.  Tech Republic and Cisco published some interesting findings on this.  Read it and please then shut up about the "porn problem".

We more or less expect this sort of shoddy Yellow Journalism from Fox, and most recently Time Magazine, but come on! CNN was sort of the last vestige of liberal and more-or-less accurate, inflammatory mainstream media. It's almost time to pull the plug, only read The New Yorker, listen to National Public Radio and get a new rolodex for all of my data archiving needs. As part of my job at a porn company, I probably visit several hundred porn sites per week to ferret out our movies that have been stolen and are being promoted by Google links.  

Never ONCE in 12 years have I ever gotten a virus.  But then, I know enough not to download shit from the internet, porn or not! Viral payloads typically come with special offers for ringtones, screensavers, free software and apps to database your DVD collection on your GameBoy.  Not Pornsites, you dummy.  Pornsites want you to come back again and again so maybe they can sell you something. Not infect your computer.  So, 56% got malware from clicking on a bad link that was probably on Google to a Pharma company, 47% got it from sticking a thumb drive in their laptop that they borrowed from their uncle Lenny who is into some strange guns and ammo lifestyle, 45% got if from letting their kid use their computer to surf for gaming cheats, and the remaining 33% got if from a "malicious app" that they most likely got for FREE from the Google Play app store (which is a notorious cesspool of infected Android games, cookbooks and flyfishing apps).  

This now begs the question, "What does Google define as Evil?"

In an NPR interview earlier this year, former Google CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt explained the Google policy of "Don't Be Evil" with some paradigmatic dodge-and-parry double-speak, saying "So what happens is, I'm sitting in this meeting, and we're having this debate about an advertising product. And one of the engineers pounds his fists on the table and says, that's evil. And then the whole conversation stops, everyone goes into conniptions, and eventually we stopped the project. So it did work."  NPR then goes on to say,

Schmidt admits that he thought it was "the stupidest rule ever" upon his arrival at the company, "because there's no book about evil except maybe, you know, the Bible or something." The contrast between the holy scripture and the engineer's fist is almost allegorical: in place of a broadly construed set of sociocultural values, Google relies instead on the edict of the engineer. That Schmidt doesn't bother describing the purportedly evil project in question only further emphasizes the matter: Whatever the product did or didn't do is irrelevant; all that matters is that Google passed judgement upon it. The system worked. But on whose behalf? Buchheit had explained that early Googlers felt that their competitors were exploiting users, but, exploitation is relative. Even back in the pre-IPO salad days of 2003, Schmidt explained "Don't be evil" via its founders' whim: "Evil is what Sergey says is evil.

And, in the "strange but true" section, Google "barges right in" with yet another odd development.

In the meantime, when everyone was blinded by Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Google getting hacked by the NSA and other annoying things that people were complaining about (including Google), the news broke that Google now has FLOATING BARGES in San Francisco and Portland, Maine.  Tech reporters have been suspiciously been eyeballing these floating fortresses for a while now, but the mystery is officially over. The odd structures in San Francisco Bay and Portland Harbor are indeed owned by Google, who has fessed up ownership of the project and vociferously denies that these are data centers. The company issued the following statement: “Google Barge … A floating data center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? Sadly, none of the above. Although it’s still early days and things may change, we’re exploring using the barge as an interactive space where

people can learn about new technology.” Google Barge  Although Google’s statement has both dampened down and ignited some of the speculation regarding the project, the secrecy with which the barges were constructed still raises some eyebrows. Building on water rather than land meant that the company could avoid filing public permits, and US Coast Guard officials who inspected the barges signed non-disclosure agreements. Plus, as the barges are probably soundproofed inside with a lining of hundred dollar bills, nobody can even hear what might be going on in there. But, I sort of have to call "B.S." on their explanation (as much good as THAT will do anything). "An interactive space where people can learn about new technology."  

Really?  I can almost buy that for San Francisco Bay if there weren't TWO of them there.  But Portland, Maine?  Not exactly the place to spend a boatload of money (pun intended) to build an interactive space for the unemployed toothless fishermen of Maine to go learn all about Google Glasses.

I'm almost hoping that they are building robotic dinosaurs in there and, as their last flip of the google-bird to the world as they finally get taken down, hit the BIG RED BUTTON on the barges, unleashing Google Godzillas as some over-the-top form of revenge on everyone that just got fed up with their greedy, unethical antics.  It might just be my imagination, but has anyone else noticed that Google is looking more and more like a classic "Bond Villain"?

Bond Villian 

Maybe the French will fix it all.  The US and most other countries seem pretty incapable of controlling  this modern-day Jurassic marrow and soul sucking  Beast from Hell. Yet, as usual, I digress, so in a last ditch attempt to salvage this article from sounding like James Joyce on Guinness, let me offer some final thoughts that might pull this all together. THE TAKE-AWAY

  • Google is not your friend.  Yes, the Chrome browser works a TON better than Firefox, Safari or that evil piece of junk, Internet Explorer and I highly recommend it if you can manage to download it and set it up in a safe way that Google doesn't suck down your browsing history, personal information and blood type (if Google takes over the Obamacare websites tech)
  • Anything you read on the internet from "mainstream media" about porn or adult entertainment is now simply horse hockey.  Yes, we had a nice recess from abuse from "Fifty Shades Of Grey" (mainstream media made a LOT of money off of that), but just realize anything you read now about porn from a mainstream media website or news source is going to try to make you feel afraid of it. Or disgusted by it. Or think Hitler invented it. It's their way of boosting readership by blaming every ill of society and the net on porn.  Don't believe it.
  • Porn surfing and consumption is, and has been, created as a very safe experience for you by all of us in the responsible adult industry.  We have worked hard for 20 years to gain your trust and patronage.  Don't let mainstream scare you. We are on your side to bring joy to your panties and get a reasonable amount of money from you to pay the actors and operating expenses. Yeah, go watch a free vid on a tube once in a while, but realize the good stuff is over at the paysites, DVD stores and other places that charge a bit of money.  Fair is fair, and we aim to please!

Article Originally Published At EroticScribes.com


Facebook Censorship Hits The ACLU – The Epitome Of Irony

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Text size: 
By Coleen Singer At Wasteland.com

Between Google, Wikipedia, Bing, RedBook and the Ladies Home Journal, there aren't many mainstream media or tech outlets that haven't stuck an angry finger up the butt of Porn lately to supress it, take away its traffic and simply be annoying in a destructive way.

Even that bastion of free speech and civil liberties (?), the ACLU, fell victim to corporate cowardice and censorship this past weekend at the hands of Facebook!  Now how the hell did THAT happen?  Well, it was the result of the ACLU posting a blog article on their site covering their First Amendment fight with some stodgy town fathers in East Cupcake Kansas about a bronze statue that showed.... OMG..... BREASTS!  The blog posting  covered a group of citizens organized by the nutbar American Family Association that believes the statue to be criminally obscene (it isn’t), and has begun a petition process to haul the sculpture to court (really, they are).

Where the ACLU ran afoul of the new mainstream morality is they included a photo of the statue which, as most blog posts do, got automatically posted to the ACLU Facebook page. The ACLU got word on Sunday that the Facebook post had been deleted, and was no longer viewable by their Facebook followers or anyone else. Then, astoundingly, on Tuesday morning they discovered the ACLU had been blocked from posting for 24 hours, with a message from Facebook warning them of  the dire consequences for repeat violations of its no-porn policy.

The theory of how this happened is Facebook, famous for its privacy invading facial-recognition technology, also has bare booby recognition detectors.  Now, EVERYBODY knows that although you can post photos of beheadings and mutilation on Facebook, don't even THINK about posting up a titty shot. Even if it's a family photo showing a baby breast feeding.

To seal the deal with the cyber-sniffing Facebook censor technology, the woman in the bronze statue has a rather remarkable rack that must have set off a five-alarmer at the Facebook's little NSA wanna-be division of public morality. What the ACLU then discovered is what those of us in the adult entertainment industry have known all along about the corporate giants that now control our information and set the standards for what you can and can't see:  there is no easy way to contact the media corporation that did the takedown, or even any sort of online appeals process for little boo-boos like this one.  

The ACLU is not just your average Joe on the street and within a few days, it's probably certain that a liberal Senator or Federal Judge that are ACLU members stuck a nine iron up Mark Zukerberg's butt at the 19th hole of the golf course.  It all ended quickly. Peace was restored to the ACLU realm, and Facebook sent a rather spineless bullshit apology:

We apologize for this error. Unfortunately, with more than a billion users and the hundreds of thousands of reports we process each week, we occasionally make a mistake. We hope that we've rectified the mistake to your satisfaction.

Facebook then restored the original post. The ACLU forgave them. Hmmmm.... Spineless knows no bounds and the ACLU is right up there with the EFF for this sort of mainstream corporate ass kissing (fundraising is a tricky issue they say). The astounding thing in this matter is that the ACLU did not even hint at a defense of posting a boob pic of a bronze statue covered in bird poop, but deflected to its political importance. Shame on you for pandering and bowderlizing this into your fundraising strategy. You posted a boob photo. Defend it. In a subsequent post, ACLU spokesman Lee Rowland hinted at his organization now getting a bit more aware of digital censorship, saying

My colleague Jay Stanley has highlighted the dangers of corporate censorship before here on the pages of Free Future. He argues that as the digital world steadily eclipses the soap box as our most frequent forum for speech, companies like Facebook are gaining government-like power to enforce societal norms on massive swaths of people and content. A business primer from our colleagues in California illustrates how heavy-handed censorship is as bad a choice in business as it is in government.

Ashcroft statue censorship

Most of us remember in a combination of amusement and horror back in the Bush Administration when then Attorney General John Ashcroft demanded putting drapes over the naked bits of statues in Washington D.C. (as just an added touch to his horribly failed war on porn).  But there is a new enemy to free speech and it's not the government - it's the corporations which are a far more impossible foe to defeat. Governments, at least in the US and other NATO countries, have some checks and balances and although difficult, citizens can unite and through the due process of the constitution, changes can be made to happen. Well. Aside from the NSA. On that, go pound sand, buddy, and be careful what you write or say or think.

But, corporations are different.  They are kingdoms unto themselves and unless they do something REALLY stupid, are pretty much exempt from anything unless hit with a class action suit (which takes years and usually doesn't work), petitions to boycott their goods and services (which RARELY work), or enough pissing and moaning on twitter to get a damage control reaction. Trusted source that knows about these complex issues, Stewart Tongue, adds:

The real danger is that the current climate creates a symbiotic relationship between giant companies in need of regulatory preference and governments seeking back channels for squelching opposition without drawing legal challenges or the attention of the public" said Stewart Tongue of Engine Food. "From a legal perspective, Freedom of speech only covers pure and direct government prohibitions, but with programs like Prism and the dark work of the NSA, the idea that large conglomerates like FaceBook, Google or others might be used as proxies to interrupt and curtail free speech with no possibility of a successful legal challenge by Free Speech advocates is more than just a fleeting possibility.

As for the ACLU's little brush with the new reality of corporate censorship, I'm glad somebody other than pornographers and erotic ebook authors are now getting a taste of this bitter pill.  Maybe they will spread the message before it's all just too late to fix, or at least loudly protest, and we end up back in some version of 1955 Middle America morality. Will the ACLU or EFF have the spine to take this on? I seriously doubt it, but would love to see them shift focus onto mainstream corporate censorship.  I suspect they won't though. Too much money at stake from sponsorships. Dream on......

More Commentary like this at EroticScribes.com - Take a look.


Censorship News: Adult eBooks took the hit this week in an awful way.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Text size: 
By Coleen Singer at Sssh.com

Yes. We knew this was coming.  Once mainstream got done gutting the porn industry for search engine results and any chance of mainstream placement, talented folks (mostly women)  that write saucy sex novels for a living were next in line to be lead into the "porn ghetto" like a post modern porn scene from Schindler's List.

As of yesteday, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith and other eBook stores are taking a radical response to last week’s “news” that they sell boundary-pushing adult content in their ebookstores. They are now deleting not just the questionable erotica but are also removing any ebooks that might even hint at violating cultural norms. I sort of could see this coming in the wake of some censorship developments in the porn industry's newly stoked interest in eBook publishing to bypass Google filtering. This new story twist began when The Kernel discovered last week that, much to their dismay, Amazon was selling legal adult content!

The books are sold as Kindle Editions, the name Amazon gives to books that can be cheaply and quickly downloaded to its portable Kindle device. Available titles include Don’t Daddy (Forced Virgin Seduction) and Daddy’s Invisible Condom (Dumb Daughter Novelette). As with “barely legal” pornographic films, which seek to satisfy base urges associated with illegal and immoral acts while circumventing laws against depictions of underage sex, many of the titles listed on Amazon protest loudly that rape victims are “over 18”. Similarly, the “daddy” rapists in many incest stories are revealed in the small print to be “not blood related”. But few reading the titles of these books will be fooled about the supposed erotic intent of the volumes.

Now, anyone that has ever wandered into the Kindle Store's "erotica" section knows that Amazon has long been probably the biggest seller of smut for years.  Type in a Kindle-only search for "Erotica" (that's code for "Porn") and get 118,662 prurient and steamy results (1,056 of these being totally FREE)!  Has Kernel author Jeremy Wilson been living in a cave and just now discovered porny text, or is he simply pulling a "David Cameron" act to get some page views by yelling fire in a crowded sexually-phobic theater?

Regardless of his motivation, the frantic damage control at Amazon and the others was swift and is resembling wholesale slaughter of erotic fiction authors that, up until this point, could make a decent living by publishing naughty fare in eBook format. But, as with so many other forms of media these days, censorship is digging in its corporate cowardice claws once again.

U.K. bookseller W.H. Smith didn't even bother to start sifting through their eBook library to quarantine steamy sex books.  They simply TOOK THE ENTIRE SITE offline! Here's what you get today if you go the their website:

A statement from WHSmith: Last week we were made aware that a number of unacceptable titles were appearing on our website through the Kobo website that has an automated feed to ours. This is an industry wide issue impacting retailers that sell self published eBooks due to the explosion of self publishing, which in the main is good as it gives new authors the opportunity to get their content published. However we are disgusted by these particular titles, find this unacceptable and we in no way whatsoever condone them. It is our policy not to feature titles like those highlighted and we have processes in place to screen them out. We offer over one million titles through our eBooks partner Kobo, many of which are self-published titles. Due to the massive amount of self publishing a number of these titles have got through the screening process. We are taking immediate steps to have them all removed. While we are doing this we have decided to take our website off-line to best protect our customers and the public. Our website will become live again once all self published eBooks have been removed and we are totally sure that there are no offending titles available. When our website goes back online it will not display any self published material until we are completely confident that inappropriate books can never be shown again. We sincerely apologise for any offence caused. In the mean time if you have any questions for our customer support team you can contact then here (customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk).

Okay, that's all very polite and British sounding, but is this limited to some "self published" authors that took one step over the line of what's "sexually acceptable" these days?  No way! Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble have been removing whole swathes of erotica from the Nook Store and Kindle Store. And they are not just deleting the more questionable titles; B&N and Amazon appear to be performing keyword searches in the erotica section and removing everything they find.

Many authors have reported that their titles had been quarantined into censorship and pulled from the Kindle Store with little explanation beyond the statement that the titles in question violated Amazon’s policies on “Description, Cover Image”. Many don’t have a clue what that is supposed to mean and the guidelines for authors are not real clear as to what's acceptable.  And, don't even bother trying to get in touch with a representative to assist you.  You might as well try to make a phone call to Google to ask them. Good luck with that!

Babysitting the Baumgartners Censorship

Sounds more like a romantic comedy to me! This one got banned, but Fifty Shades of Grey and The Bible are still available at Amazon! Go figure...

For example, one title that was swept up in the malstrom was Babysitting the Baumgartners. This ebook was unquestionably erotica, but based on the listing on Goodreads,  it is not in the least bit questionable (other than the word babysitter in the title). This title is not listed in either the Kindle Store or Nook Store any more after previously being on the bestseller charts.

We're not talking about "illegal" content here gang.  You know, Mexican Donkey Porn Stories and underaged characters.  We're talking about totally legal erotic lit niches that some people really enjoy.  Spanking and BDSM and Kinky Role-playing and such.  

So, in one fell swoop, the retail outlets through outright censorship have taken us back to the 1950s when "Romance Lit" stayed within the parameters of hunky sea captains and damsels in distress, having sex in an "implied way" similar to Rob and Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show (one foot must remain on the floor at all times, and it better be pretty NORMAL sex, please!)

Once your book gets kicked off of Amazon and the other shopping sites, it's not easy to get a title restored. Each banned title has to be approved by someone inside Amazon before it can be sold again. And due to the minimalist explanations provided by Amazon it’s going to be exceptionally difficult for authors to comply. Add to that if your re-submitted book with the now PG-Rated title and no "dirty words" in it gets rejected, there is a very good chance that the author's entire library will be kicked off and their publisher account closed.


As the word "Babysitting" seems to be on the death list at Amazon, I checked in with the publisher of Blushing Books who confirmed that one of their titles on Amazon, "The Babysitter" also hit Jeff Bezos' censorship trash can.  The synopsis of the story reads, "Kate Mitchell, a rising star in the newly established branch of homeland security, is dismayed to learn her new assignment is nothing more than "babysitting" a wayward daughter of a US Senator. Her charge, Abby McDaniel is 'more than a handful', but Kate is determined to keep her safe, no matter how difficult it proves to be. Kate will do whatever is necessary to ensure her safety, including spanking her sexy little bottom.  Abby McDaniel does NOT want a glorified "babysitter" in her life... even one as strikingly beautiful as Kate Mitchell. Determined to live on her own terms, she refuses to obey the rules of the sexy bodyguard even when her recklessness results in "discussions" over Kate's knee. Abby has a dark secret and is determined to keep it buried in the past. However, when a stalker threatens her future happiness and possibly her very life, only her beautiful and tough bodyguard stands between Abby and her stalker. Will Kate keep her safe or will Abby's rebellious antics get them both killed?" Reviewer: Aida

07/22/2013 10:43am 
Fun, hot, and a genuine feel to this book. I was surprised by the plot which is well written, twists and turns and keeps you very interested. The 'spank' part of the story fits in naturally and if this is your scene you will be very turned on between the sex and the action.

Okay. A merry romp through Homeland Security, featuring two adult women, one of which gets some spankings for being a bratty intel officer trainee.  The first 10 pages of the Book Of Genesis is a whole lot naughtier than THAT! Bethany Burke, CEO of Blushing Books chimes in with this observation:

This purge of Amazon's is rendered even more absurd when you consider not what's gone, but what's still there.   "The Babysitter" contains absolutely no mention or even suggestion of children in the description, and no children as characters.  Yet POOF - its gone.   Now, go to Amazon and type in "butt plug."  You'll get an impressive-display of explicitly-illustrated and (in some cases) reviewed products, with no attempt to restrict access to any surfers whatsoever.    I'd say your average ten year old could get a lot better "education" by perusing these full-color listings for things like the "anal beginners kit," or the "inflatable black dong" or another item (helpfully listed as the "best gift,") the "Golden Steel Bondage Fetish Plug Anal Butt Jewelry Small Unisex (Mint / Baby Green).

Luckily for readers, "The Babysitter" is still available on their website and I encourage everyone to go buy a copy.  $3.95 is a cheap price to pay for a little good old-fashioned civil disobedience.  Click here to go get it.

As expected, all ends of the author community and lit pundits about it are already saying stupid shit. Ranging from "Jane" at DearAuthor.com that sounds like a Nazi apologist and urging us to "just trust Amazon to do the right thing" (heavens, only 1000 authors died! it could be far worse!); To the usually intelligent PJ Vogt at NPR, pretty much saying that Mexican Donkey porn should stay on Amazon to give folks another option from shopping at Walmart for books!

Yep. everyone can find an agenda to pump on this one.

This knee jerk reaction on the part of Amazon, B&N, WH Smith, Kobo and others is affecting the livelihoods of hundreds of talented and hard working authors, none of whom have done anything worse than write and sell what readers want to buy. The overblown response to a couple of news stories is actually causing more damage than the content being vilified. And, beyond that individual damage, it is just another nail in the coffin of sexual freedom of expression that is now running so rampant in our new polite society.

Follow Coleen and Colin ranting about arcane but important things at eroticscribes.com and sssh.com


Government Shutdown Gives Porn Industry A Boost?

Saturday, October 05, 2013 Text size: 
By Coleen Singer - Staff Writer at Sssh.com and Wasteland.com

I could have seen this development coming a mile away when it became apparent that over 820,000 U.S. federal government workers were being sent home to ride out the shutdown without pay. Aside from puttering around the house and studying Walmart circulars for weekend sales, what is the most obvious thing that these folks have available to do?

Surf For Porn!

I had our webmaster run the traffic stats on what may be happening this week on Erotic Scribes and on sssh.com and, lo and behold, there is a 900% increase in porn surfer traffic coming in from Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and pretty much everywhere that there is a large population of "non-essential government employees" that are now sitting around at home looking for some entertainment. The last time anyone counted, about 41% of all federal employees are women. and one can only assume that a much larger percentage of them work in "non-essential" administrative and support positions (i.e. not riding around in tanks blowing things up).  

Let's, just for fun, set a hypothetical number of, say, 65% of the 820,000 folks sitting around the house are women (yes, that is probably WILDY inaccurate, but as only 15% of the "essential armed forces" jobs are women, it's not a bad guess).  That would give us 533,000 pissed off women with lots of computer skills looking for something to cheer them up a bit. And, judging by the traffic stats, they a "cuming in droves" (bad pun intended).

Although this surge in naughty surfing comes as no surprise at all, what is also apparent is rather than just surfing the tubes for free porn, they are buying things. Lots and lots of naughty things! Sex Toys! Lingerie! Porn Movies! Pornsite Memberships, Erotic eBooks. The list goes on and on.  Now, we have heard that Congress has not guaranteed retro-active pay after the shutdown is over, but based on similar past icky-old-white-men caused debacles in congress, it's pretty certain that there will be a nice little lump sum coming in before the October credit card bill arrives. "Hope Springs Eternal" and I hope all of these enthusiastic sex toy and porn shoppers don't get a bad surprise just before the holiday family buying season.

Also of no surprise is that the porn industry has already jumped on the bandwagon to help keep this ball in the air.  Discounts for laid off federal employees!  One of our favorite sex toy, DVD and lingerie mail order companies, Gamelink, has already launched its "Government Shutdown Sale". In a lighthearted Press Release dated October 1st, Gamelink announced:

Top online adult retailer GameLink.com has decided that until the government of the United States goes back to work, all customers of the United States deserve 25% off all purchases made at GameLink.com. All customers type in SHUTDOWN in the code box when finishing purchases and will receive 25% off the entire order. “Do you want to know who is by the people, for the people?” asks GameLink.com’s Jeff Dillon. “GameLink.com is. We will not idly sit by as the two parties argue. We want all parties to come join us in the freedom of expression, and sexuality.”
There are specific customers that will not be allowed to take part in this promotion. “We and most Americans do not get paid when our jobs are shut down. We are making this promotion exempt to all members of Congress. We know who you are, and you are paying full price!”

And it doesn't end there on the nimble promos and quick wit of adult industry companies. Even the infamous "Bunny Ranch" (that venerable brothel in Nevada) is offering something "for the boys" (and maybe some girls as well).  In his equally tongue in cheek and humorous press release about their Government Shutdown Special, adult industry pioneer Dennis Hof quipped:

CARSON CITY, Nev.—Always looking for ways to lend a helping hand, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel has announced that it will offer free tours to tourists turned away from national parks and monuments due to the current U.S. government shutdown, as well as a 50 percent discount on all “parties” for furloughed federal workers. “We want to do our part to help reduce the suffering and pain being caused to innocent people because of the shutdown,” Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof said. “Tourists who can’t get into federal sightseeing spots can come to any of our brothels for a free tour, no charge.And for the federal workers who can’t go to work, come on down to the Bunny Ranch and party with our girls for half-off. It’s the least we can do!”
Hof says he is taking no sides in the Democrat-Republican dispute that has paralyzed the U.S. government, but simply wanted to offer a “relief valve” for those most immediately affected by the political warfare.
“In the end the Bunny Ranch is about the ‘little guy,’ the regular folks out there that want to be able to go somewhere and relax, have fun with pretty girls, and be able to be a king for a day,” Hof said. “People come here for a break from reality, and if there was ever a time that called for a break from reality, this is it!”

Where will it all end?  I'm 100% sure that some clever pornographer is going to announce a "special" only for laid off government workers and require a valid dot-gov email address to prove federal employment.  At which point, within moments, Blackhawk helicopters will descend on their roof after being tipped off by the NSA that they were data mining government email addresses.  Just remember:  the Navy Seal crews on the helicopters are almost all male and "essential employees" (I saw that on Zero Dark Thirty) and although the bulk of the NSA analysts (also essential employees not laid off) are women (I learned that on the HBO documentary "Manhunt"), a lot of them are probably pretty pissed off that their sisters over in the Parks Service are sitting on their tushes at home watching porn and buying sex toys while they have to go grind out the data. Punishment will be swift and sure!

Seriously though. I'm TOTALLY NOT trying to make light of this serious Shutdown issue.  Hundreds of thousands of Federal employees are now hanging on for dear life waiting for their paychecks to resume so they can lead their lives.  Thousands of small businesses that provide goods and services (other than porn) to those employees are now feeling the pinch. At the bottom end of the food chain are the impoverished, children at risk, folks in need of flu shots, and the rest of the population that the Tea Baggers have no regard for. They, and many others will begin suffering within days.  

If you want to do just a little bit to urge the douchbag House of Representatives to straighten up and fly right, get over their outrage that we have a BLACK president, and maybe, just maybe, urge the speaker of the house to end this nonsense, go tweet John Boehner here to demand and end to this madness.  If that doesn't get his attention, maybe a good old fashioned Pegging will (strap-on dildos available at Gamelink NOW!)

In conclusion, as the old adage goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping*." *Batteries not included


This article originally appeared on Coleen Singer's op-ed and commentary series at Erotic Scribes.

For more keyword rich commentary on sex and politics, visit my new op-ed and commentary site at eroticscribes.com

See you there!



When Worlds Collide: ABC TV Covers Sssh.Com and Mommy Porn On Nightline

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Text size: 

I've been in this biz since 1994 and thought I had seen it all. But, what happened over the past month set even me back on my heels as to the power of working with the mainstream media for traffic and exposure.

A few months ago, just after my wife's "for women" website, Sssh.com, was featured in Time Magazine, we got a call, via our publicist Brian Gross, from a producer at ABC Nightline inquiring if they could do some coverage on us to include in a story they were working on  about "women watching porn" and so it began. An ABC senior producer was put in contact with Angie (my wife)  who is editor and producer of Sssh.com to figure out how to work together.

We had just finished up doing a similar "behind the women's porn curtain" piece with an international media outlet. Thus we already had a sense of how to do this to give their crew something interesting to shoot, plus give them the opportunity to interview our cast and crew.

So, with that in mind, we merrily set a shooting date to have Jeanie Marie and Ryan Driller (porn parody Superman actor last year) fly out via LADirect and be the stars in a 40 minute "Cinderella Story".

On the eve of shooting, ABC producer (Aude Soichet - Emmy Award Winner) showed up for a cast dinner and rehearsal.  The next morning, the rest of her ABC News crew showed up on location up here in New Hampshire, where they shadowed the production and held lengthly interviews with the cast and crew.

To say we had reservations about having ABC on the set would be an understatement. Angie  was extremely concerned about how they would present erotica for women to the world. So, we held our breath and crossed our fingers for about 6 weeks that it would be sex-positive piece.

Finally, we got the call last Friday at 3:00pm EST.
It was to air that evening!
BUT, at 9:30 pm, they told us they needed more footage!

The next 2 hours was spent extracting coverage to send them that was "safe for broadcast". I was immediately grateful the coverage was for Sssh (lots of talk and one hot sex scene) and not Wasteland (where NOTHING is particularly safe for broadcast!).

11:35pm Air Time:  Nightline booted up, they talked about "Fifty Shades Of Gray" and "Sssh.com" for a whole 6 minutes, and then cut over to an interesting story about Mt. Everest climbers for the duration of the episode.

I was crushed!  So little coverage!  It was all fluffy and (to our delight), extremely positive, but so short!

Then, the morning came.

With 8000% increase in traffic and conversion rates we have not seen since 1997.  It's beyond comprehension..,......

Want to see it?

ABC Nightine:  http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/mommy-porn-revolution-women-seek-erotica-written-woman/story?id=16182264#.T5RnsOnLwqC

So, next time someone tells ya that mainstream does not convert, it's impossible to get even if you want it, or that thinking outside the box is a waste of time, refer to the above!

But, on to the bigger point of the story in my usual altruistic manner......
This little episode is a possible turning point in further legitimizing erotica/porn in our culture, thanks to ABC.

Why? Here's why:

- A middle aged kinky woman from England writes "Fifty Shades Of Grey" as a self published E-Book and within a year, it is the top seller on the NY Time Besteller list in print, and now has a $5 Million movie deal for just the first of the trilogy.  This indeed is like as if JK Rowlings had penned Harry Potter with bull whips and butt plugs.  God, I LOVE reclusive British female authors that make a billion dollars!

- ABC, and the rest of the mainstream press, can not dismiss her book. "New York Times Best Seller". Words have meaning. "Best Seller" means people are buying it in droves, even if it does not read like Sallinger or Hemingway.

- Most importantly, this cuts right wing Bible thumpers like "Morality In Media" off at the knees for attacking our industry or positive mainstream coverage of adult entertainment, as it really documents that "Mommy Porn" is being read and enjoyed by millions of women. Even if they just bookmark it and wait until hubby is out mowing the lawn to go look at it. (yes. female bookmark traffic for sssh.com from the ABC experience is massive. We are seeing a 50% "come back later when Earl is out with the kids fishing the next day" extrapolation of stats.)




Trade Show Survival Hints!

Saturday, January 07, 2012 Text size: 

And, once again, we all head to XBizLA and whatever other shows that we need to attend in the New Year! 

We all love going to see our B2B partners and affiliates.  To meet new-comers and revive old relationships.  The shows are truly one of the things that drive our industry and create this odd set of bedfellows we call "The Adult Industry".

The goal of this post is to offer any new-comers (and maybe a reminder to old-timers) some helpful hints to make your show experience as enjoyable and profitable as possible.  Based on 15 years of my observations speaking and moderating at adult and tech shows, here are a few chestnuts of common collective wisdom to consider:

- Plan Ahead.
If you have not done so already, set up a few meetings with key strategic partners for the show.  And, as you go through the XBizLA show and meet new people, try to set up meetings with them for the other shows that are coming during the rest of the first quarter of 2012.  Focused "Face Time" is the Holy Grail for these shows, and you taking the initiative to set up lunches, dinners and even coffee breaks show you as an organized and dedicated professsional.

- Bring Your Bling
As strange as it might sound, over the past 15 years I have seen countless people show up at shows with either no business cards, or not enough to last for the duration of the show.  Do yourself a favor and bring along a box of 500 biz cards.  You won't use them all in one show, but the next show is right around the corner.  And, a few "business card" tips":
1) When someone hands you a business card, be sure to write a few notes on the back of it at the end of the conversation about the essence of the conversation and any follow up needed. If you neglect that, you probably won't remember the conversation a week later;
2) When you have your own business cards printed, go for it with fancy glossy design on the front of it.  Holographs! 3D! Go for it.  BUT - make sure the back of the card is plain white stock that other people can write on.  I can't even begin to count the number of glossy black biz cards on both sides I have been handed at shows that look like American Express Centurian Cards, but, having no way to make a note on the back of it, have no idea at all who this person was, so it went into the trash bin.

- Eat, Drink and be Hydrated
The old axiom for trade shows, Burning Man and camping trips is "Eat more than you think you need, and drink more water than you think you can drink".  Trade show environments tend to be devoid of humidity.  Add to that, drinking way too much booze and you have a recipe for  dehydration, headaches, and not being on top of your game. Specific Hint for XBizLA: There is a Walgreens/CVS right across the street from the Sofitel.  Do what I do and make that your first stop to load in a case of bottled water, a gallon of orange juice and any carbs you desire to take into your room (avoiding Sofitel $7 per bottle water!). They also have large bottles of booze at discount prices.......

- Casual Sex
My observation is that no one at a trade show has had casual B2B sex since around 2001.
Don't bother even trying. You'll get the rumor mills going about you being a sleaze bag.
If ya need it that bad, the Yellow Pages are right in the top dresser drawer beside your hotel bed.  Turn to "E" -- look for "Escorts".  Save yourself the humiliation. Women In Adult are not what you want to try to pick up. They are more professional and intelligent than most of the men in this industry and will burn you down in a heartbeat.

- Early To Bed, Early To Rise
Let's face it. No wonderful business deal hatched at 2am at a party after 19 drinks and an ounce of coke ever gets remembered the next day.  Some of my best deals EVER have been made over breakfast at 9am while things are still quiet at the shows and everyone present has a clear head.  Sure, the parties are great, but I suspect the reason we go to the shows is to create new business.  As a rule of thumb, if you have not gotten it done by 9pm, you are just partying like a Frat Boy/Girl, so don't expect much ROI for those late-night conversations.

- Seminars are Important
One of the key elements in all trade shows are the seminars where industry leaders give some information and hints to the current trends to pay attention to.  Go to as many as you can.  There generally isn't much going on during the day anyway and, assuming you were not out until dawn sucking down shots at a titty bar with a gonzo producer named Floyd from Miami that has the "Best MILF HUGE TITTY Gal EVER", get your butt out of bed, have breakfast with a new B2B possible collaborator, and then have seat in the seminar rooms with a cup of coffee and a bottle of water.

- On The Way Home
I have the travel issue of living in New Hampshire, so any show I go to generally involves 5-10 hours on a plane after the show.  What I always do is pull out all those business cards and notes and do a "Triage" on the plane for what I need to follow up on when I get back to the office.

- Follow Up
Traditionally, the most pitiful aspect of the Adult Industry is the lack of follow-up on conversations that took place at trade shows.  This works to your benefit.  After giving things 4-5 days to settle down after the show, start that follow up and don't give up on any leads until they seem to be going nowhere.  Again, you will "rise above the pack" by doing this and demonstrate being professional and dedicated.

That should do it for the basic strategy.  Oh, and when you see Helmy, Moe, Kristen or any other future show organizer, take a minute and say "thanks" to them.  You can't even imagine the work and such they put into these things for all of us and they really appreciate a pat on the back.

See you at XBizLA!



Unsung Heros: Liam at PinkVisual

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Text size: 

It's been a while since I posted to this "Unsung Heros" column at XBiz.
At times, looking for someone to feature here, I feel like Diogenes, searching the hills of Rome for the last honest man.

But, here we go......
I found another one!

Liam of PinkVisual

We all know of PinkVisual through the adept PR and B2B community efforts by Allison Vivas and Quentin at that wonderful production and marketing company. But, over the past 6 months I found out who makes the trains run on time there: Liam.

When I first met Liam at an XBiz event a few years ago, I thought I was bumping into an extra from the movie "Rob Roy".
He is too tall. He is lanky. He has "that Celtic look in his eye" that makes me shiver!

But, over the past 2 years, I have discovered that this Liam man, working WAY behind the curtain at PinkVisual is probably the most hard working and honest persons I have seen in adult in the past 10 years. 

Integrating with PV Mobile was always a challenge, but I personally watched Liam direct his team 24x7 for months on end to make sure things were working.  If you are new to the industry, you can not even imagine how rare that is these days.

My hat is off to Liam at PinkVisual. He is kind, gentle, articulate, intelligent, humorous, professional and diligent. You just don't find that combination these days, and, under the helm of Allison Vivas, PinkVisual is a force or nature and a force to contend with for such Borg/gobblers as Manwin (who's ass they kicked and, oddly, rehabilitated for the greater good. Davey and Goliath, anyone?)

So, in closing...... Liam is simply one of the current BTS players that I trust. Pink Visual is, well (and I am sure to get shit for this), "the little engine that could!" and Liam is the guy stoking the engines there.

Cheers, Colin at Wasteland.com

(coming up soon to this column are Liz Wright, Greg at MojoHost, Christian Mann at Evil Angel, Mo at XBiz, and Christopher at Mikandi.com. Email me if you want to tell a story about how great these folks are for inclusion in the blog posting. They will appreciate it, and Google longtail is a great thing as this blog gets 1k reads a day. rowntree2007@gmail.com )

Oh, and if you are one of the last 3 affiliates in adult, I am at spicecash.com


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